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September Login Hero - Octo

Wed Aug 31, 2016 4:18 pm


Octo is a Front Line DPS hero with a variety of abilities that can deal damage, debuff his enemies, and heal himself. Octo will be available as the Login Hero for September starting Sept 2nd.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Bounding leaps Text.png

Bounding Leaps.PNG

Bounding Leaps – In this Ultimate, Octo makes a series of leaps around the enemy party, dealing damage every time he lands. With every leap he makes, he also gains attack speed and recovers health.

Aquatic Shield Text.png

Aquatic Shield.PNG

Aquatic Shield – Octo blasts out a wall of water that temporarily protects him from a portion of the physical damage he would otherwise take. When the shield disappears after a few seconds, Octo will be freed from all control abilities and debuffs by which he is currently affected. In addition, nearby enemies will take physical damage when the shield vanishes.

Harpoon Strike Text.png

Harpoon Strike.PNG

Harpoon Strike – Octo uses his swordfish as a harpoon to make a series of quick strikes on the enemy party, dealing AOE physical damage and also lowering the armor of enemies he hits.

Pufferfish Rain Text.png

Pufferfish Rain.PNG

Pufferfish Rain – Octo uses his swordfish as a fishing pole to reel in a school of pufferfish which assault the enemy party. Besides dealing physical damage, the pufferfish’ poison slows down the enemies’ attack speed and movement speed.

Initial Ability Sequence

Aquatic Shield, Pufferfish Rain, Harpoon Strike, Basic Attack


Regardless of which heroes he’s paired with, Octo is a multi-threat physical DPS hero. With the ability not only to deal damage, but also to debuff the enemy, he can make an impact in most combat situations. His Max Health is sufficient to survive on the front line, and an above average Physical Pierce Rating makes it easier for his attacks to penetrate enemy armor. Plus, an ability level bonus of 4 means his ability level cap will be higher than that of most other heroes at his level. The best part is, as a Login hero he’s free, so be sure to get Octo as soon as possible.

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