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New Hero - Alice

Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:22 pm


Alice is a Front Line DPS hero who possesses great magic power. Despite her young age, she is skilled at using her Voodoo doll to inflict magic damage on the enemy. Alice will be available as a purchase bonus starting August 8th.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Apparition text.png


Apparition: Alice summons a huge apparition of her voodoo doll that appears in the sky above her enemies, before dropping down on them, dealing a large amount of AOE magic damage. In addition, enemies marked by Mark of Vengeance (see below) will be stunned for 4 seconds when struck by this attack.

Laser Burn text.png

Laser Burn.PNG

Laser Burn: Alice’s dolls shoots lasers out of its eyes, dealing Magic Damage to multiple enemy units. Enemies affected by Mark of Vengeance will take damage-over-time for 6 seconds as well as the base damage done by this ability.

Rabbit Decoy text.png

Rabbit Decoy.PNG

Rabbit Decoy: Alice throws a stuffed rabbit into the enemy party, which has a fixed amount of health and will be attacked by enemy units. When the rabbit’s health is reduced to zero, it will explode, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. Enemies marked by Mark of Vengeance will take additional damage when the rabbit explodes.

Mark of Vengeance.png

Mark of Vengeance: Whenever Alice takes damage equivalent to 10% of her max health, the “Mark of Vengeance” will be placed upon enemy that dealt the highest percentage of that damage. This is indicated by a pink skull icon appearing above their head. Alice’s other abilities will have additional effects on that enemy and Alice will gain Magic Attack, Physical Armor, and Magic Armor. Once Alice deals damage to the affected enemy, the mark will disappear, but the buffs of Alice’s Attack and Armor are permanent. She may boost her Attack and Armor up to 5 times per wave.

Initial Ability Sequence

Basic Attack, Laser Burn, Rabbit Decoy (Mark of Vengeance is activated by Alice taking damage)


Alice is a straightforward Magic DPS hero until you unlock her fourth ability. At that point, she becomes much more of a threat as all of her other abilities become more powerful. She also continually boosts her Attack and Armor as she takes damage over the course of a battle. By focusing on the enemy that dealt the most damage, she eliminates the biggest threats first. To add to this, her big health recovery bonus means that she’s able to regain a lot of health between waves. Used wisely, Alice will be a force to be reckoned with in Soul Hunters.

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