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November Login Hero - Taurus

Wed Nov 02, 2016 3:13 pm

Taurus – Mighty Minotaur


Taurus is a Middle Line DPS hero who is supported by a protector spirit who follows him into battle. The two of them can simultaneously help allies and do massive damage to enemies. Taurus will be available as the login hero for November.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Raging Bull Text.png

Raging Bull.PNG

Raging Bull: In this ultimate, Taurus’ protector spirit charges forward, then both Taurus and the spirit unleash a series of attacks on the enemy front- and mid-lines, dealing magic damage and stunning enemies.

Warrior Spirit Text.png

Warrior Spirit.PNG

Warrior Spirit: Taurus’ protector spirit floats into the enemy formation and then delivers a series of whirling, slashing blows. Multiple enemies may be hit and will take magic damage.

Hammer of Judgement Text.png

Hammer of Judgement.PNG

Hammer of Judgement: In this attack, Taurus remains with his own party, allowing all teammates within range to restore some energy. Meanwhile, his protector spirit delivers a mighty blow with his hammer, dealing AOE magic damage and stunning multiple enemies.

Strategic Decision Text.png

Strategic Decision.PNG

Strategic Decision: This ability buffs teammates within range, the type of buff depending on which heroes are on the battlefield at the moment (not including enemy heroes). If there are more front-line heroes than any other type, the buff will increase allies’ physical armor. If there are more middle-line heroes than any other type, the buff will increase allies’ physical and magic attacks. If there are more back-line heroes, or no type of hero has a majority, the buff will reduce the time affected by enemy control abilities.


With the ability to both help teammates and hurt enemies, Taurus (and his protector spirit) are not to be underestimated. Taurus largely stays out of harm’s way in the middle line, while the spirit charges into the enemy formation to deal damage. Taurus’ unique 4th ability allows him to provide the buff that is most useful given which allies are on the battlefield at that moment. Taurus is a Magic DPS hero you can’t miss out on, especially since he’s available just by logging in.

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