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New Hero - Lars

Thu Nov 10, 2016 12:47 pm

Lars – Sawblade Guardian


Lars is a Tank whose abilities can deal physical damage that ignores enemy armor. He will be available as a purchase bonus starting Thursday, Nov 10th.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Nuclear Blast Text.png

Nuclear Blast.PNG

Nuclear Blast: Lars detonates a nuclear device; dealing physical damage over a large range that ignores enemy armor. Lars escapes the blast and parachutes to safety on the allied side of the battlefield. Then he quickly returns to the front line to continue fighting.

Relocate Text.png


Relocate: This ability allows Lars to reposition himself on the battlefield. A tree appears in a random location, and then Lars pulls himself to the tree using a hook and chain. Enemies that he passes on the way will take physical damage regardless of armor and may be stunned.

Spinning Sawblade Text.png

Spinning Sawblade.PNG

Spinning Sawblade: Lars throws a sawblade towards an enemy unit, which also deals damage to enemies it hits on the way. Once it reaches its target, it spins in the air for a short period, dealing multiple bursts of AOE physical damage that ignore enemy armor. Affected enemies may also be slowed.

Dynamic Armor Text.png

Dynamic Armor.PNG

Dynamic Armor: This type of Armor works based on the type of damage Lars receives. When he takes above a certain threshold of Physical damage, he will gain Physical Armor. Likewise, when he takes a certain amount of Magic damage, he will gain magic armor. If he takes physical damage that cannot be blocked, he will gain both magic and physical armor. Regardless of the damage type, this ability will also give him a boost in health.


Lars has a couple of outstanding attributes. One is his ability to move around the battlefield. With his Relocate ability, and his ultimate which sends him back to safety on the allied side of the battlefield, Lars changes his position more than any other hero. The other unique aspect of Lars is that his offensive abilities all deal damage regardless of enemy armor, making him a major threat to parties that rely on physical armor and defensive buffs. Finally, his 4th ability Dynamic Armor helps him to withstand whatever kind of attack the enemy throws at him. Lars is a Tank unlike any other, and now’s the time to get him on your team!

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