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December Login Hero - Kong

Thu Dec 01, 2016 11:15 am

Kong – Monkey King


Kong is a Middle Line DPS hero who summons Illusion Warriors to fight by his side and confuse the enemy. He will be available as the Login Hero for December starting December 2nd.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Deceptive Assault Text.png

Deceptive Assault.PNG

Deceptive Assault: Kong summons an “Illusion Warrior” (who resembles Kong but can only use his basic attack) to fight by his side and attract the attacks of enemy units. Then Kong unleashes a series of spear attacks which deal Physical Damage to multiple enemies.

Warriors of Illusion Text.png

Warriors of Illusion.PNG

Warriors of Illusion: This ability simply summons two Illusion Warriors to join Kong on the battlefield. The Illusion Warriors have the ability to deal a small amount of damage by using their basic attacks.

Frozen Spear Text.png

Frozen Spear.PNG

Frozen Spear: This single-target spear attack deals Physical damage and has a chance of slowing the affected enemy. Enemies near to Kong and those at a distance are all potential targets. It also summons another Illusion Warrior that appears next to the target.

Battlefield Discipline Text.png

Battlefield Discipline: This passive ability increases the health of not only Kong, but all illusion warriors on the battlefield.


While Kong can deal a significant amount of damage with his spear, his real strength lies in overwhelming the enemy with sheer numbers of summoned units. All of his active abilities summon at least one Illusion Warrior, so the numbers can build up quickly. While the illusion warriors aren’t particularly powerful, they still do some damage and become the targets of enemy attacks, sparing heroes on your team from taking damage. If you like the idea of safety in numbers, Kong is a good hero to have on your side.

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