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New Hero - Lingling

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:09 pm
by hengli
Lingling – Expert Chef


Lingling is a Back-Line support hero who buffs her allies by cooking delicious food for them. Her soulstones and card will be available as part of a year-end special event starting with the completion of the update on December 8th.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Sumptuous Feast Text.png

Sumptuous Feast.PNG

Sumptuous Feast: Lingling cooks a feast which can increase her allies’ Physical and Magic Armor and Attack. Once the ultimate is activated, the player must tap Lingling’s avatar again at the right moment for maximum effectiveness. If you tap too early, the food will be undercooked, and Lingling and her allies will only have their Physical and Magic attacks buffed, while their Armor will remain unchanged. Conversely, if you tap too late, or don’t tap at all, the food will be overcooked, and only Physical and Magic Armor will be buffed. If you tap at the right moment, all of the above will be buffed, and all allies’ Spell recovery time will be reduced. They will also be impervious to any damage for a short period.
When in auto-battle mode, the chance of Lingling cooking the food for the optimal time depends on the number of stars she has.

Skillful Chef Text.png

Skillful Chef.PNG

Skillful Chef:Lingling cooks a dish and sends it to the area which has the greatest number of allies nearby. Nearby allies take a bite every 3 seconds, increasing their health or energy depending on the type of the dish. The fish soup provides a health boost, while the meat dish provides an energy boost. Empty plates are returned to Lingling, which will later be used as ammunition for her third ability

Plate Toss Text.png

Plate Toss.PNG

Plate Toss: Lingling takes the empty plates piled on her stove and throws them at the enemy party, dealing physical damage to enemies they hit.

Battlefield Snack Text.png

Battlefield Snack.png

Battlefield Snack: This ability has two possible effects depending on if it is directed at enemies or allies. Lingling may throw a snack at one of her allies, which provides them with some health and increases their physical attack. Or she might throw inedible “Poison Loafs” at enemies, which deal magic damage and lower the target’s physical armor.


Lingling is one of the most innovative support heroes to appear in Soul Hunters so far. Her abilities cook up a wide variety of dishes, each of which has a different effect, most of them significantly buffing her allies. Unlike many back-line heroes, her defensive stats are decent, especially her Magic Armor, so she should survive deeper into battles. It’s important to keep in mind that promoting Lingling will allow her ultimate to be more effective in auto-battle situations such as the Arena. Lingling will be a game-changer as she can effectively buff a wide range of DPS heroes and strengthen many types of parties.