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Sylphi – Mystic Sorceress

Mon Dec 26, 2016 8:48 am


Sylphi is a Middle Line DPS hero who summons bats and spirits to swarm the enemy party and cause Magic Damage. She can also silence enemies. Sylphi is available in the Conjuring Stone starting Sunday, Dec. 25th.

Hero Stats

Hero Abilities
Spirit Swarm Text.png

Spirit Swarm.PNG

Spirit Swarm: Sylphi summons a horde of spirits which randomly fly around the battlefield for several seconds, dealing Magic Damage to enemies they hit. The spirits deal 150% damage to summoned units or illusionary units (i.e. the warriors summoned by Kong). As the spirits vanish, part of the damage they’ve done is returned to Sylphi as Health.

Flapping Wings Text.png

Flapping Wings.PNG

Flapping Wings: A flock of bats attacks the enemy party, dealing AOE Magic Damage. Like Spirit Swarm, this ability deals 150% damage to summoned and illusionary units.

Silence Text.png


Silence: This ability instantly silences enemies within a large range, making them unable to use magic attacks. The chance of successfully silencing enemies depends on the ability level and the level of enemies Sylphi is facing. This ability is essentially the same as Gale’s “Silence” ability.

Unbreakable Resolve Text.png

Unbreakable Resolve.PNG

Unbreakable Resolve: Whenever Sylphi takes a significant amount of damage (20% or more of her max health), her Physical and Magic Armor are buffed. Leveling up this ability increases the armor boost.


As a powerful AOE Magic Damage dealer, Sylphi is effective in a wide range of situations. But with two abilities that deal extra damage to summoned units, plus a Silence ability, she is particularly strong against summoner heroes and other magic heroes. She also has a high Magic Armor rating that can be further boosted by her 4th ability. Teams built around overwhelming opponents with summoned units will face a tough challenger in Sylphi.

Note that a “Sorceress’ Medallion” appears in the Hero Info for Sylphi and a number of other female mages.

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