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New Hero - Chrona

Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:59 am

Chrona – Time Traveller


Chrona is a Middle Line DPS hero who has the incredible power to rewind time. She will be available through the “Chrona’s Ancient Chest” event starting February 14, 2017.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Time Reversal Text.png

Time Reversal.PNG

Time Reversal: This ultimate takes Chrona on a journey to all the places on the battlefield she previously visited in the wave. On the way, any enemies she hits will take physical damage. “Lightning Beetles” also appear while the ultimate is in progress. As soon as her journey ends, these beetles will attack weak enemies. This ultimate also interrupts most control spells that have been cast on Chrona.

Stealth Mode Text.png

Stealth Mode.PNG

Stealth Mode: This ability allows Chrona to quickly move around the battlefield, while becoming nearly invisible. She deals physical damage to enemies she hits on the way. Chrona’s attack speed and movement speed will both be temporarily boosted by this ability.

Instant Rewind Text.png

instant Rewind.PNG

Instant Rewind: Chrona travels back to a moment in the past, reverting to the amount of health she had at that time. Like her ultimate, Instant Rewind dispels control abilities currently affecting her. Finally, using this ability gives Chrona a boost to her physical attack that lasts until the end of the wave. When Chrona’s HP is deleted to zero, Instant Rewind will be triggered automatically, and she will rewind to a time shortly before the mortal blow was delivered. This unique ability can only be used a total of twice per wave, and only once to bring Chrona back from death.

Insect Swarm Text.png

Insect Swarm.PNG

Insect Swarm: Chrona summons flies that swarm around all enemy units, reducing their physical armor. Another benefit of the flies is that they will expose the location of hidden or invisible enemies.


Chrona is officially a DPS hero, but her unusual abilities make it hard to classify her. Despite having a low max health, her ability to rewind time and revert to her previous level of health makes it difficult to eliminate her. It’s no easier to weaken her with control abilities, as both Time Reversal and Instant Rewind cast off control abilities that would otherwise affect her. No enemy unit is safe, as she can move around the battlefield quickly, dealing damage to any unit she hits along the way. Chrona is a truly unique hero who adds an unpredictable element to any battle.

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