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Blind Arena Event

Thu Apr 13, 2017 12:13 pm

Blind Arena Introduction

Arena interface.PNG

To make things more interesting in the Arena, Soul Hunters is introducing the Blind Arena. During the Blind Arena event, you won’t be able to see you your opponents’ party names, Ranking, or Guild. Their hero lineup and Party Rating will be visible as usual.

no rules.png

Be aware that players’ rankings will be not be displayed in other places either, such as in the Leaderboards (which will appear blank) and the Arena Rules (which will be temporarily unavailable during the event).

blank leaderboards.PNG

For victories in the Arena during this event, you will earn “Easter Chests” which can be exchanged for Goblin Coins. The Goblin trader will be available during the event, and there will be special prizes there available including cool avatars and skins.

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