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New Hero - Dalton

Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:08 am
by hengli
Dalton – Daring Gambler


Dalton is a Back Line DPS hero whose abilities can have vastly different effects based on random chance. He will be available for a limited time from Tuesday 4/18 through Saturday 4/22, through a Hero Chest Event.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

All In text.png

All In.PNG

All In: To understand this ultimate, you should be aware that Dalton doesn’t accumulate energy like other heroes. Instead, he collects casino chips (which appear in his energy bar). He must have at least 7 chips to activate this ultimate. Dalton guesses which surviving enemy unit has dealt the most damage so far. When auto-battle is activated, he will guess automatically, and his chances of guessing correctly are higher if one enemy has dealt far more damage than the others. When battling manually, tap Dalton’s avatar when the enemy unit you want to select appears in its place.
If Dalton has guessed the correct enemy, the selected unit will take a large amount of magic damage, Dalton will gain some health, and all his chips will disappear. If he guesses incorrectly, no damage is dealt and he loses half his chips.

Roll of the Dice text.png

Roll of the Dice.PNG

Roll of the Dice: Dalton and the enemy unit with the lowest Magic Attack both roll a die, whoever rolls the lower number will take magic damage and be stunned. If Dalton gets the higher number, he will also gain a chip, if his number is lower he will lose a chip. Dalton has a chance of rolling a “7”, which cannot be beaten. His chances of rolling a “7” depend on the difference between Dalton’s Magic Attack and that of the enemy (If Dalton’s is higher it gives him a better chance).

Roll of the Dice text.png

Roll of the Dice.PNG

Russian Roulette: This ability can only be triggered once per wave. When Dalton takes what would normally be a fatal hit, instead of dying he keeps 1 HP, and plays “Russian roulette” with an enemy unit. The chances are 50/50; if Dalton wins, the attack deals a large amount of damage (the more chips he has the more damage it deals). In this case, Dalton gains a significant amount of health. If he loses, he loses the last of his health and dies.

Three of a Kind text.png

Three of a Kind.PNG

Three of a Kind: Dalton records the last three numbers he rolled in “Roll of the Dice”. If two of the numbers are the same, he will win 2 chips and gain some health. If all three numbers match, he will win 3 chips and gain double the health. If he rolls three “7”s in a row, he will gain the chips and health benefit, in addition to giving his next “Roll of the Dice” attack a stun effect.


While much is left up to chance, Dalton has the potential to do enormous amounts of Magic Damage. He is best suited to the back line, as his Max Health is not very high and his Physical Armor is a weak point. Then again, if he does have his health depleted to zero, he has a chance to recover a significant amount of it with his ability “Russian Roulette”. Because “Roll of the Dice” has a chance to deal damage to Dalton himself, its safer to use him when his Magic Attack is higher than that of most enemies (giving him a greater chance to roll a seven). Utilizing his ultimate to its greatest potential will require you to pay attention to which enemies are dealing the most damage in order to have a better shot at guessing correctly. Keeping those tips in mind, Dalton can be used quite effectively; you just have to be willing to take a bit of a gamble.