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Game Update - May 25th

Thu May 25, 2017 4:26 am

Hello Hunters! We will update the game (version 2.4.66) tomorrow in order to provide new content and a better game experience for you all. Soul Hunters will not be available from 05/25 02:00 AM until 6:00 AM PST.

New Features:

- Bonus Stages added at the end of Chapters 2 - 9
- New Chapter-end chests available based on stars earned throughout the chapter

Bug Fixes/Improvements:

- Fixed 4 bugs affecting skill in the Heroes Academy:
    Increases to Kill Bonus Resistance
    Increases to Magic Crit Damage Dealt
    Reductions to Physical Crit Damage taken
    Reductions to Magic Crit Damage taken
- Fixed bug causing Orkon to avoid all attacks after using his ultimate

Heroes and Abilities

- Longer stun effect for “Dragon Strike”
- “Slashing Blow” and “Uppercut” merged into one ability
- Added “Parry” as a third ability
-Slight adjustments to ability strengths

-“Thunderous Axe” changed to single target attack which deals extra damage if enemy has low health


- “Blessing of Valor” changed to “Shield of Valor”, granting a shield to Leon’s weakest Ally
- “Blessing of Vigor” now increases party’s physical attack as well as physical armor

Soulstone Availability:

- Jasper now available in Arena Armory
- Desmond now available in Diamond Chest
- Mirielle now available in Guild Store

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