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New Hero - Embrael

Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:02 pm

Embrael – Princess of Selussa


Embrael is a hybrid hero who- although classified as Back-Line DPS- can serve as a support hero for her allies. Embrael will be available from the Conjuring Stone starting Sunday, June 17, 2017.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Meteor Shower Text.png

Meteor Shower.PNG

Meteor Shower: Embrael shoots a blessed arrow into the sky, invoking a hail of arrows to fall down on the enemy party. These arrows deal magic damage and blind the entire enemy party.

Tiger Leap.PNG

Tiger Leap: Embrael leaps onto the battlefield riding her giant cat, giving her allies a morale boost. This allows them to recover some energy, as well as increasing their movement and attack speed. The more stars Embrael has, the greater the speed boost her allies receive.

Sacred Arrow Text.png

Sacred Arrow.PNG

Sacred Arrow: This ability is similar to Embrael’s basic attack, but this sacred arrow is particularly powerful. It deals significant magic damage to enemies it hits, as well as stunning them for an extended period of time.

Night Offensive Text.png

Night Offensive: Like all Auras, this ability is not visible in battle. But it does have a significant effect, increasing the Physical Pierce rating of Embrael and all her allies.


As a hybrid hero, Embrael has the potential to deal large amounts of damage while at the same time buffing her allies. While her own attacks are magic, her fourth ability “Night Offensive”, boosts her allies’ Physical Pierce rating, so she can work well with Physical heroes. “Tiger Leap” is also useful, no matter which type of heroes she is allied with. She is also effective against various types of enemies, able to stun and blind them. Embrael is one of the most versatile heroes in Soul Hunters, and it’s always a good idea to have her on your side.

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