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Game Update - August 17th

Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:43 am

Hello Hunters,

Soul Hunters will be unavailable on Thursday 8/17/2017 from 02:00 – 06:00 AM as we implement a patch on iOS and Android (Version 2.4.74)

Detailed Patch Information is below:

New Features:

1. Added Celestial Potion: Use Celestial Potion to get one component of the signature item of the Hero whose awakening quest is currently in progress.
2. Increased chances of getting hero card in Conjuring Stone:
3. Runestone Essence now available for purchase in shop
4. Added Multi-Polish function and Runestone Power Rankings to Runestone System.

Heroes and Abilities:

Daphne now available in the Champion’s Corner (Epic Arena)
Valan now available in the Arena Armory
New Awakening Quests: Sumiko and Dalton

Buffed Aqua:

1. Aqua is now immune to control abilities while using “Rehydrate” ability.

Buffed Sumiko:

1. “Mystery of the Serpent” now increases ally’s magic attack in accordance with how much damage they deal.
2. Increased strength of “Power of the Serpent” and “Mystery of the Serpent”
3. Increased rate of energy recovery when Sumiko uses basic attack or abilities.

Adjusted Hurok:

1. Fixed error in description of “Mortal Paralysis”. When this ability is used against a boss, Hurok’s energy will be spent more rapidly.

Major Adjustments to Dalton:

1. “All In” now only requires 5 chips to activate, but Dalton will not start the battle with any chips.
2. Chance of rolling a 7 when using “Roll of the Dice” depends on target’s magic armor.
3. The proportion of damage dealt that is transferred to health gained in the abilities “All In” and “Russian Roulette”depends on ability level
4. Made adjustments to strength of various abilities

Bug Fixes:

    Fixed bug affecting cooldown time between free opens of conjuring stone
    Adjusted difficulty of some stages in chapter 17
    Fixed bug causing Nemean Hide not to appear as loot in chapter 15 Raid Dungeons
    Fixed bug affecting hiring mercenaries
    Fixed bug causing Items’ “Where to Find” list only showing the last two stages where the item can be found
    Fixed bug affecting Malrath’s “Flowing Blood” ability when Gus’ Magic Pillars are on the battlefield
    Fixed bug causing damage over time dealt by Cyana’s “Lethal Poison”ability not to stack properly.
    Fixed bug affecting Li Twins’ “Seperation” ability
    Fixed bug causing positive effects from Hurok’s Devour ability not to stack

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