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New Hero - Petros

Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:57 am

Petros – Volcano Dweller


Petros is a Front Line Tank with extremely high health and armor. He also has powerful attacks that can devastate the enemy party. He is available starting Sunday August 20 in the Conjuring Stone.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Volcano Text.png


Volcano: This ultimate has two functions. When Petros tears up the ground in front of him, enemies in that area will take damage and be knocked back. At the same time, the battlefield transforms into a volcanic landscape for 20 seconds, buffing all of Petros’ other attacks during that time. The Volcano also spews hot coals if Petros’ “Burning Coals” ability is unlocked. The higher Petros’ Star-level, the more coals are ejected by the volcano.

Earth Smash Text.png

Earth Smash.PNG

Earth Smash: Petros smashes the ground in several places, shattering the ground and dealing damage to any enemies that are standing too close. Enemies that stand on the shattered ground too long will be struck by lava shooting up from the earth. The lava lifts enemies and deals damage (dealing additional damage if the battlefield has been transformed by “Volcano”).

Burning Coals Text.png

Burning Coals.PNG

Burning Coals: Petros periodically spits out hot coals which explode when they take a sufficient amount of damage, the explosion dealing AOE physical damage. They also explode immediately if they are struck with one of Petros’ own attacks or by the explosion of another coal. When the battlefield is transformed due to Petros’ ultimate, all of Petro’s abilities will create a burning coal and they will deal increased damage when they explode.

Fire Spirit Text.png

Fire Spirit: This passive ability increases Petros’ Physical Attack, Magic Armor, and Physical Armor, and makes him immune to control abilities while his health is relatively high. If his health drops below a certain level (determined by ability level), these benefits disappear. This ability also has a drawback: if an enemy manages to kill Petros, they will be protected against one attack that otherwise would have killed them.


Petros is a very powerful Tank in terms of his ability to withstand damage. His Max Health and Armor stats are outstanding, with Fire Spirit further increasing his Armor stats. His other three abilities also make him an offensive threat. It’s best to use Petros’ ultimate early on in a wave if possible, as it makes all of his other abilities far more effective. It’s also important to increase his star-level, as it allows him to produce many burning coals at once. Petros makes a strong case to be considered the best tank in Soul Hunters so far.

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