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New Hero - Volt

Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:12 am
by hengli
Volt – Thunderbolt Wielder


Volt primarily uses Magic Attacks to deal damage, but he can also drain some of the enemy’s Physical Attack and use it for himself. Volt will be available as the login hero for September beginning Saturday, September 2nd.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Plasma Ring Text.png

Plasma Ring.PNG

Plasma Ring: This Ultimate triggers a huge ring of plasma which expands over the battlefield, dealing magic damage to any enemy it hits. The attribute with the lightning bolt icon in the ability description can be ignored for now, as it will only take effect when a future hero becomes available in Soul Hunters.

Lightning Storm Text.png

Lightning Storm.PNG

Lightning Storm: Volt summons a thunder-cloud that strikes a single target with lightning multiple times, dealing magic damage each time.

Electric Blade Text.png

Electric Blade.PNG

Electric Blade: This ability allows Volt to steal Physical Attack from an enemy. This has the result of making Volt’s basic attack much more powerful, while weakening the enemy at the same time.

Power Shield Text.png

Power Shield: Volt increases his Magic Armor. This ability is passive, so it cannot be seen in battle.


Volt fights on the front-line and is classified as a tank, but could also be called a DPS hero. His ultimate does an impressive amount of damage, but unlocking Electric Blade makes him more of a consistent threat. Because Volt doesn’t have very high Max Health or Armor compared to most other tanks, it’s also important to unlock Power Shield, as this can help him survive longer on the front-line, at least against Magic Attacks.