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Game Update - September 14th

Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:15 am

Hello Hunters! We will update the game (version 2.4.78) tomorrow in order to provide new content and a better game experience for you all. Soul Hunters will not be available from 09/14 02:00 AM until 06:00 AM PDT

We are also doing a server merge with this update. Check details here:

Patch details:

New Features/Improvements

- Achievement System (accessible by tapping on avatar in the top-left)
    -Achievements are a symbol of a player’s prestige. By completing them, players can earn Achievement Points and Badges.
    -Achievements are divided into Personal Achievements, Hero Achievements, Guild Achievements, Stage Achievements, and Event Achievements
    -Guild Achievements are met by the guild as a whole rather than an individual. All members of the guild will get the resultant Achievement Points and/or Badge.
    -Players who have previously earned the “King of the Tower” or “Conqueror’s Badge” items will automatically complete the two corresponding Event Achievements

- Achievement Badges
    -Badges are visible in the Customization menu
    -Badges can be earned by completing certain achievements or by completing other requirements listed below each badge.
    -Badges are divided into “Permanent”, “Limited Time”, or “Activated” badge types.

- Combined Avatar and Avatar Frame interfaces
- Improved “Bag” interface
- Adjusted items dropped from Chapter 17 Raid Dungeons
- Reduced the difficulty of Ethera’s awakening quest
- Reduced the difficulty of some Sky Fortress stages

Bug Fixes

- Fixed bug causing the buff from Garrick’s Ultimate not to stack
- Fixed bug causing Elric’s “Parry” ability to be uneffective
- Fixed bug causing players to be unable to view replays of Raid Dungeon battles.

New Awakening Quests


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