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Game Update - October 19th

Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:44 am

Hello Hunters! We will update the game (version 2.4.82) tomorrow in order to provide new content and a better game experience for you all. Soul Hunters will not be available from 10/19 02:00 AM until 06:00 AM PDT

New Features:

1.Players at level 90 or above can purchase Sylphi and Chrona Soulstones from the Goblin Peddler and Black Market Smuggler.

Hero Attributes:

1.Morfir can now study skills in the Heroic Academy.
2.New Awakening Quest: Alice
3.Strengthened basic stats of Mazir and Mog
4.Adjusted “Pulse Hammer” ability activated by Salus’ Crystal Warrior Skin. Now if the target enemy has no shield, their armor will be reduced by 5%.

Bug Fixes:

1.Fixed bug causing problems melting down some items in the workshop

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