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Server Merge - November 9th

Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:33 pm

Attention Hunters,

We have made the decision to combine some servers during the 11/09 update. Here is some important information regarding this change (only applies to servers listed below):

352 <<<<< 354
356 <<<<< 358
360 <<<<< 361
363 <<<<< 365
367 <<<<< 369
371 <<<<< 373
375 <<<<< 377
378 <<<<< 380
382 <<<<< 384
422 <<<<< 423
424<<<<< 425
426<<<<< 427
428<<<<< 429
432<<<<< 433
434<<<<< 435
436 <<<<< 437
438 <<<<< 439

1.After the servers are combined, your account and login information will be unchanged; you will still be able to login to your usual account and server.
2.There will be an influx of players to some servers’ Arena/Epic Arena/Guild rankings, and your party’s ranking may be affected.
3.There may be Party Names which now have a duplicate on the same server. These players will have the opportunity to change their Party Name for free.
4.There may be Guild Names which now have a duplicate on the same server. The Guild Master of these guilds will be given 500 Diamonds which may be used to change the Guild Name. (This must be done within 5 days of the update)
5.Raid Dungeon Damage rankings will be reset and determined based on damage dealt after the server merge. Records of the first Guild to clear Raid Dungeon stages will be cleared.
6. Combined Rating and Hero Star Rankings will be cleared and reset, and the rankings will be recalculated the next day.
7. When servers are merged, mines that are currently occupied in the Treasure Cave may be affected, please collect all loot earned in the Treasure Cave before the merge to ensure it is not lost.
8. Please Complete Crucible runs before the merge as this feature will also be affected and your progress could be lost.

PST 11/09 01:00~ 11/09 05:00

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