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New Feature - Pets

Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:52 pm

Now your heroes can have cute pets to accompany them in battle. Pets boost master’s Physical Attack, Magical Attack and Health. To get a pet for your favorite hero, first you’ll need to obtain an egg. You can find eggs in Normal and Heroic Stages of Chapter 17. Only heroes who have reached Orange +2 fusion may adopt a pet.

Copy of pet 1.png

Copy of pet 8.png

But an egg is not a pet! So our heroes built the Hatchery in the Heroes’ Village to provide warm and safe place for our eggs. Some eggs are rarer than others and give you more powerful pets, but they also take longer to hatch. There are 4 types of eggs: common, uncommon, rare and legendary.

Copy of pet 2.png

When the time is right, you can tap on the egg and you will get your new companion. You can also use diamonds to hurry the egg hatching. Go to Pet tab to check your collection. All pets have different stats and skills, so you better to choose wisely which hero get which companion. Some work together better than others!

Copy of pet 3.png

Pets have Comfort level indicated by hearts. To improve Comfort level of a pet you can feed it. Food can be found in any shop. The comfort level of a pet cannot exceed its master’s star level and it affects bonuses provided by a pet.

Copy of pet 4.png

Copy of pet 9.png

Each type of food provide different amount of progress points to upgrade your pet. The boosts are applied only to your heroes basic stats.

Copy of pet 5.png

Pets have different skills to help their master, some even have two skills.

Copy of pet 6.png

Copy of pet 7.png

That’s the basics of raising a pet. You can learn more by taping the “Rules” button in the Hatchery. We hope you enjoy this new feature!

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