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New Hero - Batman

Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:02 am

Batman – The Dark Knight


Batman is a front line DPS hero who excels at delivering multi-stage attacks to the enemy back- line. He will be available through a limited-time event starting November 23rd.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Bat Signal Text.png

Copy of Bat Signal.png

Bat Signal: When this ultimate is activated, the bat signal appears, and the battlefield transforms into a rooftop in Gotham. Then Batman unleashes a flurry of attacks on nearby enemies, dealing Physical Damage. Finally, he jumps in his Batmobile and drives through the enemy party, knocking enemies back and dealing further damage (only enemies near to batman will be affected).

Batarang Text.png

Copy of Batarang.png

Batarang: In this two-stage attack, Batman throws a Batarang at an enemy unit from a distance, and then rappels to a position to adjacent to the enemy and continues to deliver a series of blows.

Bat Strike Text.png

Copy of Bat Strike.png

Bat Strike: This attack can take two forms depending on how many enemies are on the battlefield. If there are more than three enemies, this attack hits three different targets. If there are less than three enemies, all stages of this attack will be directed at a single target.

Justice Served Text.png


Justice Served: This ability is only activated when batman reduces an enemy to less than 10% health without killing them. In this situation, the enemy will be dragged off the battlefield (rather than dying), and other enemies will be “terrified”. Terrified enemies have reduced physical attack.


From the time he enters the battlefield, Batman is constantly leaping from position to position while delivering a series of powerful physical attacks. Instead of blindly swinging away at enemy front line tanks, he can directly target enemies in the mid- and back-lines. Although his abilities don’t have many secondary effects, in terms of DPS Batman is a very strong hero. His solid base stats along with his tendency to constantly move around the battlefield allow him to survive deep into battles. In a world full of crime and violence, the Dark Knight is one hero who you need on your side!

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