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Game Update - 4/26

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:38 am
Hello Hunters!
We will update the game (version 2.4.105) in order to provide new content and a better game experience for you all. Soul Hunters will not be available from 04/26 2:00 AM PST until 04/26 06:00 AM PST.

Hero Balance Adjustments
● Kasar: Strengthened abilities: Strategic Transformation, Magic Overload, Fatal Plunge and Specter of Death.
● Mechana: Strengthened: Wheels of Fate, Mega-Forcefield and Blessing of Purity.
● Angela: Strengthened: Rainbow, Source, Eclipse and Burden
● New Awakening Quests: Goblin Squad

● New blue pet: Bongo
● New purple pet: Angus

Hero Availability
● Available in Heroic Stages: Goblin Squad
● Available in Diamond Chest: Vulko
● Available in Gold Chest: Volt, Mog, Soren, Optos and Boreas
● Vulko now available in Gladiator's Shop
● Optos now available in Legendary Shop

Feature Improvements
● Gladiator Arena time adjustment: The time that the arena is closed has been reduced from 8 hours down to 1. The amount of Competitor Coins able to be received have been adjusted in accordance with the new time so that the overall amount of coins received will be the same amount as prior to the update.
● Awakening Quest Optimization: All heroes’ second Awakening Quest can now be completed within one day. The amount of times each stage requires you to fight has been reduced. If you are currently undertaking a second awakening quest you can abandon and restart it, in order for the update to take effect.
● Magic Attack attribute has been changed to Physical Attack on Ursula’s signature awakening equipment.
● Optimized the Hero Level Up button
● Added 30 new guild avatars.
● Added a new orange pet badge
● Fixed a mistake that displayed incorrect stats for some pets when feeding them.