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Game Update - 08/23

Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:57 am

● Added New Login Hero:Gromok
● New Conjuring Stone Hero:Ulaos
● New Hero Awakening:Tareth
● Diamond Chest:Added Kasar and Magnus
● Removed From Diamond Chest:Valan, Esabel, Gus, Elric, Radulf, Ember, Optos, Magdor, Mog
● Hero Choice Chest:Removed Petros
● Crucible Supply Wagon:Added Petros
● Crucible Supply Wagon:Removed Ulfang, Radulf, Mog
● Arena Armory:Removed Soren, Valan, Esabel
● Guild Emporium:Removed Slim, Firehawk, Dina
● Legendary Shop:Removed Optos, Malrath, Gus
● Gladiator's Shop:Removed Baltor, Magdor
Notice:As some heroes are achievable via stages we’ve removed them from the above stores in order to provide a better experience at the stores.

Hero Balance and Adjustments
● Aquaman: Increased the base damage for the abilities “Stormy Seas” and “Water Blast”
● Increased the Physical Attack Growth for Aquaman

Features and Optimizations
● Increased the amount purple pet eggs for the September login rewards.
● Added two new levels to the Sky Fortress
● Increased the chances of receiving double the amount of Soulstones from Marvelous Gift Boxes
● Optimized retrieval of awakening gear. Players can now choose which stage the gear will be dropped in.
● Daily Quest Adjustments
- Players that are level VIP11 and above can now collect a certain amount of purple pet essence.
- Midas Touch has to be used twice in the quest Start From Nothing and the rewards have been increased accordingly.
- The rewards for Seasoned Veteran and Heroic Seasoned Veteran have been changed to EXP Mozzarella.
- The requirements from A New Journey have been changed from 1 wave of enemies to 12 waves and the rewards have been increased accordingly.
● A batch of chests can now be opened all in one go.
● You can now find Gaia Stone fragments within the highest difficulty of the The Tidal Temple
● Crystal will now drop in the highest difficulty of The Dwarven Forge
● Optimized the English description for Lama’s ultimate ability.
● Added optimized translations for several languages.

Bug Fixes
● Fixed an issue at the Prophecy Pool and Dojo that caused gear to be displayed incorrectly.
● Fixed a display issue for Aquaman’s avatar frame.
● Fixed a problem where the words “Fighting” would be displayed in some circumstances on guild stages.
● Fixed a problem where Glacia would sometimes cause a battle to freeze.
● Fixed an abnormality in Lumos’ awakening quest description.

Here is some important information regarding this change (only applies to servers listed below):
509 <<<< 517
540 <<<< 542
556 <<<< 557
558 <<<< 559

1.After the servers are combined, your account and login information will be unchanged; you will still be able to login to your usual account and server.
2.There will be an influx of players to some servers’ Arena/Epic Arena/Guild rankings, and your party’s ranking may be affected.
3.There may be Party Names which now have a duplicate on the same server. These players will have the opportunity to change their Party Name for free.
4.There may be Guild Names which now have a duplicate on the same server. The Guild Master of these guilds will be given 500 Diamonds which may be used to change the Guild Name. (This must be done within 5 days of the update)
5.Raid Dungeon Damage rankings will be reset and determined based on damage dealt after the server merge. Records of the first Guild to clear Raid Dungeon stages will be cleared.
6. Combined Rating and Hero Star Rankings will be cleared and reset, and the rankings will be recalculated the next day.
7. Please Complete Crucible runs before the merge as this feature will also be affected and your progress could be lost.

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