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Some unique hero ideas for fun

Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:39 am

Figured I'd throw out some fun hero ideas and concepts for people to take a look. I know this will never be added just some creative thinking.

Lord of the Abyss, Serpent God Diamos

This is inspired the hydro hero suggestions.

Diamos is an abomination created by the God's in their war against the titans as a last resort. Infused with the powers of the gods this beast has been imprisoned since it's birth in the very depths of the underworld. At the start of battle he is just a clocked human figure that transform into a fiery one headed hydra at the start of battle.

Normally the ultimate ability is first but we will leave it for the end.

Diamos has no auto attack.

Skill 1: Diamos was imbued with the strenght of Areas the God of war granting Diamos his fiery wrath. The primary flaming head of the hydra constantly shoots out fireballs at a random enemy on the battle field. If the attack crits then the target will be additional ignited suffering damage over time for a short period of time. The burning damage will stack if triggered again up to a maximum of 5 stats. If 5 stats are reached then the target will erupt in a fiery explosion stunning the target and knocking back nearby enemies as well as doing aoe damage based on the distance from the erupting target.

Skill 2: if diamos loses 33% of his maximum hp or 20 seconds has elapsed since the start of battle then a 2nd hydra head emerges that has been imbued by Poisoned. Just as the other head this one will also attack enemies at random with a powerful jet of water that will hit the firest enemy target slowing down their attack and movement speed. If the attack hits a target that has been ignited by the other head then the target will have high pressure steam erupt from him doing aoe dmg to all enemies and applying the slow debuff to all enemies as well as reducing 1 stack of burning from the target. This cannot trigger more then once every 10 seconds.

Note: If Diamos suffers an attack that would normally cause more then 33% of his maximum hp in damage then that damage will be reduced to 33% and he becomes momentarily invulnerable as his 2nd head spawns.

Skill 3: When Diamos has lost an equivalent amount of health to 66% of his maximum hp pool or 40 seconds have passed since start of battle the 3rd and final head imbued by Zues will emerge. The head will also attack at all times as the other 2 with stream of lightning that does not stop unless Diamos is silenced or crowd controlled. The stream of lighting will always hit the soaked/slowed target. If the 2nd heads special ability has been triggered then the lightning will chain to all other "wet/soaked" targets. If the same target is hit 3 times by the stream of lightning they will be shortly stunned, the effect cannot trigger more then once every 6 seconds.

Awakening: Diamos full power is unleashed at the start of battle thus all 3 heads emerge immediately. Additionally when loosing 33% and then 66% of his hp Diamos will now have all 3 heads attack at a faster rate.

Ultimate: Upon death or activation Diamos goes throughout an evolution, his entire body implodes on itself creating a new being. In this state for a limited amount of time he will alternate between the 3 different elemental attacks. First is a much larger fireball attack that sweeps the enetire battle field doing initial damage and igniting all targets with a new more powerful black flame. The following attack is a giant wave of water that will put out any burning target instantly dealing the full damage of the dot. Additionally any previously burning targets are "crispy" reducing their physical armor and taking amplified damage from all sources for a short period. The 3rd and final attack is several lightning bolts striking from the sky hitting random areas on the battle field that will shatter any "crispy" targets that have been put out from the black flames in the previous attack dealing a % of their maximum health in damage and removing the amplified damage. If the hit target is still on fire from the black flames or has not been hit at all by the first attack then they are simply stunned for a short duration. Once the 3rd attack is completed Diamos will die if the ultimate was triggered by death or return to his one headed state regardless if he us awakened or not if triggered manually. If during his ultimate the 2nd or 3rd attack is interupted then he will proceed to the next attack or end the ultimate. The first attack cannot be interupted by any means.

Just some random writing and ideas for a cool glass cannot concept hero. A strong combo aoe caster that needs to be heavily protected and thrives in long fights. This is by no means a polished hero idea or anything just wrote it off the top of my head on a smoke break. If people are interested in something like this I'll write some more hero concepts in more detail with art ect.
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Re: Some unique hero ideas for fun

Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:03 pm

Ho ho ho! Great! Cool character. Continie writing, and we'll compare our ideas))) Its soooo fun to talk with somebody about this type of things! In real life all people talking just about food, work, moneys and other dull things. Nobody will be listen about ideas like this...
What hero you created else? I'll be waiting.)))
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Re: Some unique hero ideas for fun

Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:42 pm

Overlooked this, sorry. I like your idea a lot. Your idea of making him a glass cannon seems sensible, because I thought while reading either his actual damage needs to be on the lower side or he needs to start with less HP. Would be be a back row hero?
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Re: Some unique hero ideas for fun

Tue Sep 08, 2020 6:40 am

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