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Re: Reduced the difficulty of some Sky Fortress stages

Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:35 pm

Im one of those VIP 17 players. I can tell you even with that advantage, the RNG on some of these fights is just ridiculous. I for one like the challenge, but its just stupid when RNG just dictates what happens in the fight. I've been stuck on floor 7 for the past 4 days thats about 40 tries. I feel awful when some of my guildmates reach these stages that dont have the amount of characters that I have. I would love to see some strategy developed to complete these but at this moment there is none. I like the challenge again and dont mind figuring out what needs to done, but taht cant be done when your O2 Mazir dies within 3 seconds of the fight.

Additionally the reward for each floor kinda sucks to be honest. You want good reward bring back Tower of Valor and people will be very happy

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