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Is there a universal timing for HoL Crusher?

Sat Oct 07, 2017 2:36 pm

As title implies,

To me this boss is the most annoying out of all of them (it used to be Hurok, but I can do that blindfolded now) mostly because the RNG elements play a HUGE role.
Most HoL bosses 5-10 attempts will assure you of a topscore, among these Hurok and Sirpa also have some big rng elements but Crusher takes the cake.

He can 1 shot my Vernos, 1 shot my Vernos his plant and 1 shot my lingling and that is with them being on 85%+ health.

I can block his big shove attack but I wont have any plants left, and lingling ultimate even timed perfectly will only block 2 rocks when he does a rockshower, and if they hit a plant it's game over for the attempt.

Ofcourse with Vernos and Octo there Vernos is also slowed at some point, which makes blocking the 2nd ultimate even harder.

My Vernos and Ling have 6 stars, max enchants, abilities no academy yet and vernos has no runes.

I can basicly fuck up ling's 1st ultimate it doesn't actually matter what I do there, he doesnt hit hard then. So that timing doesnt matter that much other then do it early enough so Ling has an ultimate to block Vernos his next "big shove".

I tried timing that around 39 but his animation takes ages because he is slowed and I would still get hit with "big shove" and basicly lose everyone but my octo and goram. When I time it at 37 I'm basicly playing roulette because there is 4 rocks at rage level 20 coming at me and out of my last 8 attempts (today) I never made it past the point where I have all 3 Vernos plants alive. My current score is 6.4m but this boss really gives me a headache.

So I was wondering how the majority of you guys handle this boss and what ur timing is?

p.s. not to be rude but I am looking for level 100 perspectives of this fight.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Is there a universal timing for HoL Crusher?

Sat Oct 07, 2017 7:37 pm

as with all hol its rng and luck. ill give you the team line up and timings . imo best setup atm is octo, vernos, sumiko, goram, ling. all maxed and awakened if you can. the key to timing is to wait until he raises his arms before he goes into a ball, this is where you tap ling. if the rocks give you trouble like they do with me i press it earlier after he lowers his arm with the green ball. this means you get hit with the aoe punch but survive the rocks. so some heroes may last longer but ideally you want to avoid the aoe punch. id be happy with 6.4m , whats top in server?
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Re: Is there a universal timing for HoL Crusher?

Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:06 am

due to heroes such as Octo slowing down crusher and Heroes supers "slowing down time", it's hard to give a timeline that works for you and me.
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