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Re: Vote for next awakening 31th

Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:48 pm

I couldn't agree more with that. When I see a team using jasmine I chuckle to myself all the while thinking "well, this is gonna be an easy win." On top of that, I can't even remember the last time I needed jasmine or a healer of any kind for that matter in the crucible of fire. She is completely outdated and obsolete. As rashar stated she needs an overhaul/rework in every aspect of her build and even then I strongly doubt she will be worth a wet fart. Bottom line is this. For ftp players she barely makes the mid tier line for heroes. I personally wouldn't even put her there but I give her that for the sake of upsetting ftp players who like her and want to start and argument over it. There are at the least 20 or so free heroes i would highly suggest working on and using over her. But hey.... if you like her that much and want to waste your time and resources on her and she's one of the better you have to go with (considering I don't know who or what you have nor your SH budget) then by all means bud knock yourself out and have a ball with her. Cheers..
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Re: Vote for next awakening 31th

Wed Jan 31, 2018 7:00 pm

And assuming the awakening ability is the same from Chinese version (as they have done with most preexisting awakenings of late)... People that voted for Jasmine are going to be veeery disappointed.
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Re: Vote for next awakening 31th

Wed Jan 31, 2018 7:43 pm

The voting is wrong to begin with... I assume a lot of people who are still under level 90 are fascinated by Jasmine and her current use in the game.

After level 90 none of those heroes will be good... but from the top 3 Jasmine will be the very worst option. Many high level players have their Jasmine either stuck at orange or they play the game for so long that they have so many spare items that even jasmine got some love.

And as mentioned earlier f2p should only awaken jasmine once all the mandatory heroes are awakened so once they hit level 90 they won't see an awakened jasmine for over a year anyway.

But it's like the saying... be carefull what you wish for, you just might get it.

The high level playerbase is not excited for another shitty caster hero who has subpar healing abilities and a bad endgame ultimate to get 2 shotted by all the overpowered pay to win divers.

If Lilith really wants to amaze the playerbase they do a full rework on a old hero and put it up to a level of the box heroes. Like a revamp of Leah for example.. then we're talking... but 1 more taurus, kong or jasmine isnt going to do a thing so in that case I am forced to vote kong because from all the lousy options that one is th most likely to get any use. Although it sure won't be in normal arena because #hurokeverywhere.
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Re: Vote for next awakening 31th

Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:36 pm

Rashar wrote:
Let's say you are right... so then Jasmine uses have become... epic arena offence and PP havoc... and depending on your budget ch. 17 normals/heroics.

To be good in the ch. 17 heroics and epic arena offence she needs o2 pet 6+ stars... that is a huge investment for such a niche useability... and that is only in the case in which you are correct.

Besides teams with 5 frontliner can have any hero from batman to vulko in which case jasmine will get raped anyway.
Some hidden frontliner teams use a tanya aswell to counter osiris/mazir/gremor when they are combined with valan.

Basicly such a tiny itty bitty use for jasmine does not mean I am far from the truth.. I would say I am pretty much spot on with the truth.

Jasmine needs a skill overhaul, they need to make her the equivelant from a disc. priest in WoW and she might have a chance. She needs a stat growth rebalancing so her health and matk levels are up to par with todays heroes and then finally she needs a damage/healing rebalancing to make sure she is not miles behind when she actually does something,

She used to be the queen of cof untill sylphi came and now with all the ubisoft and warner bothers heroes she is dead...

Don't get me wrong... Taurus is just as dead... the other heroes are even worse and Kong... well... he is just a bit better then the other two... but that is only in terms of useability. The fact he can be used in way more areas of the game and still be decent to some extent makes investing in him much easier.

Especially when you consider SS, Kong and Taurus are from cof shop and gold chests and Jasmine is from guild shop. Older players will have jasmine at 7 stars but newer players should not get her to 7 stars... they should do mirielle, tsuki and bloodspear and even driller is a higher priority then jasmine is.

When it comes this pool of heroes and to being the best 3 I would say 1: kong, 2: taurus, 3: Jasmine. The statistics more or less also reflect terms of popularity I have no idea who will get an awakening. At lower levels jasmine and taurus are pretty good aswell, although even then Kong rains supreme due his insane hol damage pre awakening. The issue is that post awakening (level 90) non of them are a top 20 priority anyway...

Octo, sylphi, goram, vernos, osiris, sumiko, garrick, lingling, elador should be the highest prio for f2p and low spenders and those alone will take them a full year orso and those are just the heroes requires for HoL. Not even mentioning batman, rayman, vulko, petros, malrath, mirielle, orkon, valan, cara, mog, mazir, morfir, tanya, nightshade.

Most of those heroes awakened will also get you further in the skyfortress while jasmine doesn't do jack there... no damage... the heals are too low and too late. Anyway I will stop with raping Jasmine... I might actually get sued for this xD.

I said TANKS, not Frontliners. I was very careful with that word. Tanks usually don't dive, with exception of Driller. She can tank and she dives. I was thinking more like Petros, Goram, Salus... and that's why I said epic, because in main 4/5 of the team is mobile.

Elador for F2P? Tell me how that happened lol I want him.

And well, I already have most of the needed heroes awakened, only missing Valan and Adeline. So for me, if Jasmine has a good awakening she might be the 3rd one. Even if only for attacking, it is hard to compete vs big whales with no broken heroes, so I do what I can with what I have, and I do well usually. I just can't defeat 3 from my server, but those are too much for me lol No strategy can be implemented when there are 7* runed, all OP heroes with most f2p heroes (also don't have many box heroes because bad luck).

And yes, Kong is the best option of the Top3, sadly he is another Physical Hero, there should be a good magic revamping of old heroes. Taurus' awakening skill (Ultimate that drains little energy) is a Joke if conserved, and Jasmine's (temporary magic resistance to healed allies) is even worse. Jasper's awakening skill will never work because everyone now one shot kills everyone, so he won't survive that x1.9 damage. He would survive maybe only Batman's ult because it is multipunch instead of one shot.

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