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Q&A from the devs

Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:46 pm

Thanks for it! Some comments...

7.Why the Crucible of Fire nerf?
Crucible of Fire was not nerfed, we actually improved all the drop rates on this feature. If you are referring to the change for VIP players it was simply a bug fix, VIP players still get 4 times the equipment during the Nightmare mode event. Due to many players complaints regarding the nightmare mode we will try to improve this event when possible.


8.Why are Pet Skills so expensive?
Pets bring huge buffs to heroes and due do that reason their skills are priced that way.

still not worth the upgrade and you should really fix that f*** bug, i've lost millions of coins because of that...

11.Any chance we'll see Hall of Legends become a Daily event?
We are considering to do it.

how difficult is that? please "consider" more quickly ;-)

18.Are there any plans to release a new shop for newer Heroes, or to rework the existing shops?
We don't have plans on doing that.

really pisses me off... so easy to implement and relieves the impression you're being conned

20.Anymore plans to rebalance/rework older Heroes? There are 114 Heroes in the game right now and maybe as much as 30% see use. Ember, Gale, Flora, Drago, Boomer, Lucius, Leah, Selene, Torsen, Urestag, Leon, Musashi, Mariana, Esabel, Hanzo, Ulfang, Alastair, Wraxius, Gizmo, Crushers, Riley, Gus, Aqua, Vespix, Magdor, Cyana, etc, etc, etc... there are so many Heroes that are simply not even close to viable in any game-mode. Any plans to address this?
Yes, we are doing hero rebalance on every update recently and plan on working on more heroes. We also hope that the awakening quests can improve ousefules that are not very usefull right now.

a good laugh is always appreciated ;-)

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