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Patch notes

Sat Nov 24, 2018 1:49 pm

It's been several days since the game received an update, and so far I do not know exactly what has changed, where I'm supposed to find the patch notes? If they do not do it yet, they should do it before removing the update.
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Re: Patch notes

Sat Nov 24, 2018 1:51 pm

There's the Patch Notes:

Heroes & Pets
● New Hero: Drelduth
● New Hero: Zander
● New Hero Skin: Hurok
● New Orange Pet: Gnix
● Arena Armory:Added Mazir
● Heroes Choice Chest: Removed Mazir
● Heroes Choice Chest: Added Elador and Drelduth
● Heroic Skins Gift Box: Added Hurok's Power Armor

New Features and Changes
● Added new Thanksgiving content which includes a splash screen and avatar.
● Implemented a hero popularity function.
● Added a new Gift function.
● Level 100 players will have a chance to acquire red equipment fragments from daily quest chests.
● Heroes Choice Chests, Heroic Skins Gift Box and Celestial Potions will no longer be available at the Store for purchase.
● Hero lists within the Hero Choice Chests will not be updated following this update.
● Hero skin lists within the Heroic Skins Gift Box will not be updated following this update.
● Adjusted the rewards for Extreme Challenges (Excludes November Events)
● Extreme Challenge "A Treacherous Journey" completion requirements changed from 3/5/7 times to 1/3/5 times.
● Added a new event called "The Veiled Champion" in which players can acquire all new frames and badges.
● Added a new floor to the Sky Fortress.
● Updated the "Where To Get" locations for soulstones.
● Crude Gear Chest, Purple Gift Box, Orange Equipment Chest, Rare Orange Equipment Chest, Orange Pet Equipment Box, Red Gift Box maximum bag slots increased from 99 to 299.
● Runestone Essence Chest maximum bag slots increased from 199 to 499.

Bug Fixes
● Amended some erroneous item descriptions.
● Amended some erroneous ability descriptions.
● Fixed a bug that rendered Wraxius unable to utilize other heroes' ultimates.
● Fixed an additional damage bug that occurred when Ulaos possessed Wraxius' aura.
● Fixed a battle anomaly that would occur within Chapter 17 - Deserts of Moran.
● Fixed a bug that affected the completion requirements for the weekly quest "On The Cusp"

Notice: Due to a game engine issue some Android user may be faced with a UI bug that causes a portion of the game's UI to disappear after purchasing a gift for the first time. Restarting the game will resolve this issue. We are working as fast as we can to resolve this issue.

What I might posting or commenting are on my personal opinion and doesn't speak on behalf of Lilith Games.
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Re: Patch notes

Sun Nov 25, 2018 3:38 pm

I suppose ‘zander’ is next month’s login hero
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Re: Patch notes

Tue Nov 27, 2018 5:27 pm


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