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Torsen healing in chapter 17 part 2

Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:56 am

Already made a post about this and as usual there were zero comments from Lilith staff and the standard "I have NEVER encountered it from chef "I have to be different"

So once again I am asking to look into the matter of how Torsen works in BOTH of the chapter 17 he appears in.
Once he ultimates and he reverts back he heals back to full as if he was healed.

I tried to screenshot it but I was too late, however I ran the chapter twice with a full team including sylphi octo etc so he deffo took damage... in fact he took 1.2m dmg in my 1st attempt as I was checking if I could bring a better team.

However after the my 1st attempt and Torsen having tanked 1.2m damage he was at 100%... if that isnt healing then I dont know what is.

It's rather difficult to make a welltimed screenie but I will try again tomorrow if the chapter is still available.

As you can see Torsen on 100% while 2 heroes in enemy team are dead... and 2 other on very low health.

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