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Guild Chat and Friends List

Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:24 pm

We have friends that are outside of our guild and we like to talk to from time to time. But we can't chat with them because we have to wait until they write something in global in order for use to click and chat with. We need a friends list to know when our friends are online and when they are offline like any other game.

The guild chat room is only 1 sentence long at times we like to write a longer sentences but are limited to the spacing. Guild Rules and Regulations isnt 1 sentences long!! Please make a friends list where we can add people and also extend guild chat to at least 3 sentences. Also Under "Contact Guild Members" tab that should be allowed to have a paragraph long. This is where GM can give entire team instructions and not be limited.

Meeting Chat: Would be nice to be able to select and add certain people into a meeting chat to talk and plan.
This would be good for an all leaders and Gm Talk. Or Gm to Gm Merge talks or Gm to leaders only strategy talks.

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