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Raids and GuildWars Suggestions

Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:41 pm

Gm should be allow to have more option in Raids and Guildwars this is very limited and here are the suggestions.

Gm should be able to set lvl members cap to Raids each Raid so that members don't kill a Raid too fast. Such as a LVL 90 is not allow to attack Raid 9 and only lvl 70-75 are allow to do Raid 9

Gm should be able to move Teams in Guild Wars around as he sees best for the battle.

I think the games for GW rules needs fixing. Meaning that per amount of members should be divided evenly into 3 teams. Once a team is fill up they can't add any more to that Lane. What I see is a lot of big teams merging into 2 teams and almost veryone fights in 2 lane teams only. O.O

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