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"FREE" CS and diamond chest pulls are ripoff!

Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:48 am

So if you noticed, we should of gotten a free CS pull on Monday, and guess what... it isn't vulko, gremor or any other new hero, it's Aqua! A hero everyone pretty much has at 7 stars.

Now what I alwaays get from the diamond chest are breastplates (which you get billions from COF) and a Eltertric Core that gives you just 20K coins.

What I'm getting at is give us something good for once! Like stop beating around the bush and give us better gold in COF! Better stuff in Pulls! Better rewards for lower purchase tiers! Etc.!
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Re: "FREE" CS and diamond chest pulls are ripoff!

Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:41 pm

They are free... yes they are mostly pretty bad but you're not investing anything to use it other then a mouseclick or two.

When it comes to the weekly free cs pull. There are 7 days... all you need is 1 of these days to have a decent hero and then you gamble in the hopes you get some SS from the daily hero.

The diamond chests are really really bad and they should never be bought, period. The only exception is the monthly diamond tickets and that one is only worth it at 10 dollars. At 30 dollars it is a ripoff.

10 dollars will get you 40 tickets and then you wait untill a jade event and pray you get a goram and.or sylphi and then you buy the other with green jade coins. This is the strategy for low levels and after that you NEVER touch the diamond chests agin unless they are free.

So generally I agree with you but your posts as of late are getting pretty "random". I do not mind the complaining or ranting but atm you do it regarding any aspect of the game and this takes away credibility on the aspects of the game that really do need improving.
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Re: "FREE" CS and diamond chest pulls are ripoff!

Tue Jan 09, 2018 6:55 pm

Yes its a ripeoff but its there so you can keep on spending on it and everyone else that dont know its a ripeoff

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