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Did Not Recieve My Supreme Hunter Frame But got a Stupid Message from Lilith!!

Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:57 pm

Update Evita Took care of this issue For me. She one of the best that they got.

So I was the first to Reach Level 100 today that Lilth almost screw me over with the server merge. But I manage to become the first to reach level 100!! I sent them Video of the ladder rank and epic rank showing to them that I'm the only 1 and only that made to level 100. I also show them a pciture of the achievement award showing that I got the first to recieve level 100 achievement reward as well. I got a stupid reply from them stating that i'm probably 5th to become level 100 and to check the leader board. No why dont you go check the leader board and along with the video that i sent you before you say something so stupid!!!! Piss the off Please Resolve this pronto!!!
First to be 100 Achievement award

Supreme Hunter Lock

Stupid Lilith Lies without looking at the video that shows all 1-50 leader board in rank 1 arena and epic Video and pictures of all Rank1-50 I have message you on Facebook.

Clear see my Rank and Level 100

If you want video of all the rank its in on Facebook sent to you already!!!
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Re: Did Not Recieve My Supreme Hunter Frame But got a Stupid Message from Lilith!!

Wed Jan 17, 2018 2:41 pm

Might not you was the first. It doesnt mean anything you show the top 50 player. Might the one or two or three rage quited already before the merge and dropped below rank50.

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