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Login Issues? Read this post!

Wed May 04, 2016 12:59 pm


We have a new version in the Google Play store that fixed these bugs below:

- Fixed bug causing crash on Arabic Language devices
- Fixed bug related to screen auto-rotation
- Fixed bugs causing the app to crash unexpectedly

We have a new version in the AppStore that fixed the issues with older iOS versions. Please delete your game and download it again if you are running older versions than iOS 8.0 and couldn't play the game.

For other login issues:

Game Center Login Doesn’t Work:

Our game didn’t have a Game Center login method before the last update. Try to remember if you used any other method to login (E-mail, Facebook and Google Plus). If you didn’t use any of them, you used to play our game with a GUEST ACCOUNT. So don’t press GAME CENTER in the main login screen, click on GUEST, go to change servers and check if your parties are in the MY PARTIES tab.


Players with Iphones running old IOS versions (any versions earlier than IOS 8):

Please delete your game and download the latest version in the Appstore.


Game Gets Stuck after Facebook Login (black screen for few seconds and goes back to login screen, or after tapping Facebook login nothing happens:

Some players reported that after clicking on the Facebook button to login the game they will get a black screen for few seconds and won’t be able to login. To solve that:
For Iphone users: Logout from the game, close the application. Swipe off from the bottom of your screen and check if the last icon (a lock) is activated (orientation-lock), If it is press the button to turn it off.
For Android users: Open the notification tab and activate Screen Rotation.
After doing that open the game again, click on the Facebook button and try to login again.



Facebook Login Doesn’t work (Iphone with IOS 8.0 and newer versions)

Go to your Iphone Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings
You might lose login information from other apps so be sure to have all of your login information saved.

Open the game again, choose your login method and try to login.

If you are an android user and is having this issue try to clear the data from the Soul Hunters app and try again.


A new version is available please download from ….

To solve this issue try the suggestions below:
1 – Try to open the game using other internet connection. (If you are using WIFI at your house for example, try to use 3G or 4G and open the game again to download any missing file.
2 – Delete the application and download it again.
3 – Try to repeat the suggestion number 1 at least for few times to see if it works.


This Facebook account has already been bound, please try other Facebook account or sign out and use other game account…


If you see this message it could be for two reasons:

1 - You are logged using other method. Please tap the arrow on the left side of the screen, logout, close the game and open it again. You will see this screen:

1. Click on Facebook or your preferred method and login again.

2 – Your phone still hasn’t cleared out the information from your last login. If you are an android user:

Step 1: Head to the Settings menu. ...
Step 2: Find Apps (or Applications, depending on your device) in the menu, then locate Soul Hunters.
Step 3: Tap on Storage and the buttons for clearing the cache and app data will become available.
Step 4: Clear the cache from Soul Hunters.

If you are an iphone user:

Your Iphone Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings

Can login but can’t see your teams:


1 – Please open the main login screen, tap "Change Server" -> "Your Parties" on the left top corner, you'll find your role, otherwise restart the game (LOGOUT) and try again.
2 - If you used more than one account method to login (e-mail, facebook, google plus) after the update and can't access your account, please try both login methods to see if one of them works.

Some players can see their old parties but when they click on the party a level 1 party will login. In this case you have more than one login method and you should logout from your account (tap your in-game avatar), support, logout. And login with the other method that you have. If that still doesn’t work clear the data from your phone, restart your device and try again.


If you forgot your password:

Please send us the information below and we will do our best to recover your account:
1 - Login Method
2 - Login Information (E-mail used or Facebook account used for example)
3 - Server
4 - Party Name
5 - Party Level
6 - If you bought anything in the game give us the information about your purchase (date, purchase amount)
7 - Create a new account in the game in the server you used to play and send us the new ID. We will use to transfer your old account information, so this is necessary.

This information should be sent using the in-game customer service or by sending us a private message on our official Facebook page.


If you tried all the solutions from this post and still can't recover your account please contact our IN-GAME SUPPORT, clicking on the support icon after you open the application and inside the game (you can do that with a new account). If you can't open the game contact us in the Soul Hunters Global page sending a private message.

We are very sorry for all these issues and we are working hard to fix all of them. Nobody is going to lose accounts so please rest assured that we will help you to recover your account if after you follow these methods can't recover it.

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