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Desperate, please help. An accidental refund ruined game

Tue Jul 30, 2019 8:36 pm

* Note this is for AFK Arena *

Hello - I had a situation yesterday. My account ended up with Negative -10,700 diamonds.

I know why it occurred. There was a refund processed. My bank has high security at the moment because of fraud I have been having. This purchase was flagged and refunded through Google Play.

I was offered a "RePurchase" through the in game mail app. I would have been happy to repurchase however doing so would have still left me in negative diamonds.

See, the package only had 2600 diamonds, but there must have been a "diamond value" placed on the other items. I would have given it ALL back. Them I could have repurchased
Now I'm stuck! I cant get myself out of negative diamonds

I contacted Google Play support and they cannot assist because as I stated, a repurchase does not help- it's not an even exchange on the repurchase. The Google case number is 9-6068000027180.

This is not fair. It's not about the money. The refund was unintentional and the repurchase option will not help

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