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New Soul Hunters Tier List

Wed May 15, 2019 12:14 pm

Hey everybody,

it has been a while since we had that good old tier list(
But it's not been continued due to a huge amount of new heroes and so on, after that, there was an app around for some months but this one is also gone for now, so i was thinking maybe it was time to create a new tier list. So i did my best, set up an Excel Spreadsheet and went through all the heroes we have in the game right now. I orientated on tha least one with the design and the way of giving ratings but used my own concepts too, it's still in an early phase and not all heroes have ratings yet, but i wanted to share this with you guys right now so i can have community input from the beginning and i definitely need that input since i wont be able to get alle those new Conjuring Stone and Gift heroes to 7 Star maxed out anytime soon, so i need all of your rating opinions especially for them but for all of the heroes we have in the game right now and in the future. So check the list out and tell me what you think, where you have other opinions and so on.
I've also been playing on some new servers lately to make it easier for newer players to see which heroes they should be focusing on, but as always there are so many heroes and new heroes coming out, i can't do it all alone. But enough of that for now, here comes my Tier List and it's features

Here's the link to the Google Doc

Here's the link to the reddit post

  • Tier List with every Hero ranked in (In work, most heroes got their full ratings)
    • Raid
    • Hol
    • Campaign
    • Crucible
    • Arena
    • Overall Early Game
    • Overall Late Game
  • Awakening Tier List (soon)
  • Second Awakening Tier List (soon)
  • Best pets for each hero (later, i would definitely need help for that)
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