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Advices for a beginner

Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:57 pm

Hi everyone! I started playing SH for 13 days. I have level 45. I want some advices regarding the team building for arena, crucible, campaign, etc. I have the following heroes and I want to know who should I drop, who should I evolve and which heroes I will need in the future. I want to say that I am not a VIP. Can I have an okay future in this game or I should just give up?
Kaneq ***
Gale **
Leon **
Ulfang **
Ariel **
Garrick **
Cara **
Tanya **
Radulf **
Ember **
Dina **
Gus **
Mortus **
Flora *
Dr Zeno **
Drago *
Selene ***
Baltor ***
Boomer *
Crusher ***
Mariana **
Lumos **
Elric *
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Re: Advices for a beginner

Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:33 pm

2 months ago a non-VIP on a newer server would probably be able to maintain a top 20 spot in most part of the game as long as you know what you're doing. Now the game is a bit more pay2win. Let's just say 3 of the top 15 hero are not available for new and non-VIP players (LingLing, Sylphi, Goram). This is probably not a big deal since majority of server wouldn't have them either.

On the bright side, once their SoulStones are released into the shop (3-5months from now), they will be farm-able.

As for team building, there's already a bunch of similar post to this one, so I'll just link you to a few,


but if you still need help with a particular team, I'll make another reply.
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Re: Advices for a beginner

Sat Feb 18, 2017 8:44 am

Hi! Thank you a lot for the reply. I already checked those but I still feel confused. My arena team is weak, my campaign team is weak, I can't beat all the teams in the cof. I don't know how to create a proper team for all those things. I don't know on who I should invest coins, soulstones, exp. I think I spent time on useless heroes. I need serious help.
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Re: Advices for a beginner

Sat Feb 18, 2017 9:31 am

That's strange.
For arena:
1. level matters. If your level 3-5 less than your opponents, their heroes are likely better upgraded.
2. Items, skills and stars matters: actually stars not that much till late game. Make sure you arena team is equipped with all possible items and all skills maxed. If you do few enchants (maybe not max but 1-3 is easy to do) it will also help.
3. Your have strong heroes.
Max your zem in all ways.
Good tema could be: zem, lumos, radulf, cara, gale. Work to get Taurus.

Do many arena fights and change heroes by one: pay attention how their ults, attacks, buffs sequences. you will notice what works well what not. For example gale silence or Cara sleeps sometimes breaks enemy's ults. Keep experimenting to find best timing.

For CoF learn two things:
1. You can drop fight anytime before it finishes without any penalty. If it goes wrong just pause and cancel fight. Don't let Any heroes die. Abuse this to learn which teams/heroes counter best.
2. Manage health and energy. In early easy fights store energy for more than 5 heroes. For example you can accumulate energy for cara and later put her against team with strong zem to insta-kill him from start of fight. don't use ults immediately. Use flora to restore hp.
3. Don't forget you can hire someone in camp, jasmine could be good choice for you.
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Re: Advices for a beginner

Fri Feb 24, 2017 2:37 pm

All what saying Ivanrgs is completely true. As himself i may give you an empirical rules - if your enemy exels at Phys. Damage, then try to hit them with some magic. If enemy are good mages - then strike them hard with brute force. Look at number of enemy tanks and have in your team simular number of tanks(good tanks, not Leon or Drago), especially if mid and back are too squishy.
Some tips at future: in midlle levels at game Nightshade and Boomer (both purple) make a decent Critical Hit pair in Phys. Combat.
Taurus and Selena (at purple) is a stronghold of Magic team.
You can mix this pair with Ember and Ariel for decent effect( only at middle game! At high levels Ember have no shances to stand against VIP-toys)
What for now: make more attention at Lumos, Selena,Radulf, Zem, Flora.(you can stand your Flora against enemy Tashi, boost up Elven Charm, and poor guy will take out half of his friends)))My experience as looser - my Tashi do it often). Maybe you can look at Mortus, Gus, Dr. Zeno, Dina, Crusher and Cara.
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Re: Advices for a beginner

Fri Jul 24, 2020 7:28 am

Every beginner needs specific instructions to play games professionally. However, you can get help with coursework so that you can share the opinions there to enjoy with others.

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