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Hero Soulstones

Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:04 pm

I will put 5 heroes that in my opinion are the best in that shop, Feel free to say your opinions down in the comments!
Let's start with Crucible of Fire
No.1-Ling Ling
Back Line support-Buffs allies physical & Magic attack, as well as their Physical & Magic Armor
Heals allies with her Ultimate
That makes her a great support hero.
Front Line DPS-Heals increases attack speed, does quite a bit of damage to the enemy's
Damage with his Ultimate
This is what makes him one of the best front liners for HoL.
Front Line Tank-Summons zombies, one of if not the best front line tank in the game till O+1
For Zem to be effective he needs to get his Ultimate off, that's when he truly shines he has great damage is very tanky and has great health regen.
great for raids, good in the Arena and HoL.
Middle Line DPS-Can Stun the enemies
Does massive Damage and knocks up the enemies with his Ultimate
He is really good when it comes to the Arena as he has quite a bit of CC and does lots of Damage
Middle Line DPS-Summons illusions
Does a lot of Damage with his Ultimate his illusions can do a bit of Damage as well
He is really good in the Crucible of Fire & Arena
Middle Line DPS-can Freeze and slow enemies
Does loads of Magic Damage and can freeze and slow enemies with her Ultimate
This basically makes her great in all aspects of the game
Middle Line Support-Puts enemies to sleep boost your party
He is a good support hero for Arena's
Front Line Tank-Good crowd control and a good shield
Can soak up a lot of Damage gives the allies a shield at the start of the battle/wave
His Ultimate knocks back an enemy and does a bit of Damage
Great in the Arena's and Crucible of Fire
Middle Line DPS-Can slow and freeze enemies, great dodge
Does lots of Physical Damage her ultimate can freeze every enemy that's inside of it
She is good in the Arena's
Front Line DPS-Can Knock up enemies does AOE Damage can recover health
Does a lot of Magic Damage his Ultimate releases waves of Magic Damage
Good in the Arena's, Raid's and Campaign
Epic Arena
Middle Line Support-He can go invisible, increases the attack speed of your team does a lot of Damage
Can give your ally or himself a "prize" for killing an enemy if you use his Ultimate before killing the enemy the prizes are: Health, energy, physical attack, physical shield and magical shield prize
This makes him an absolute beast in every aspect of the game
Back Line DPS-Can knockback & stuns, reduces magic armor, movement speed & attack speed
Does lots of Damage has really good crowd control
Good in the Arena's & Crucible of Fire
Middle Line DPS-AOE/Single target Damage, slow, silence, Armor-Reducing effects
Does lots of Damage with her Ultimate
She is really good in Crucible of Fire & Arena's
Middle Line Support-Increases allies Physical and Magic armor
Nice survivability, good abilities
Good in the Arena
Middle Line Support-Can attach to an ally to give him a boost in attack and armor
Good healing, good AOE
Good in Arena's
Hall of Legends
Front Line Tank-Survivability, average tankyness
Great Lifesteal, good tankyness, and good Damage
Great in Arena's, Crucible of Fire and ok in Raid's
Middle Line Support-Crowd control
She can do a lot of Damage with her ultimate and is quite good against physical Damage heroes
Good in Arena's and Crucible of Fire
Middle Line DPS-Rushe's to the enemy backline
Massive amount's of Damage with her Ultimate
Good in the Arena's, Crucible of Fire, Hall of Legends and Raid's
Back Line DPS-great Damage
His ultimate can put out a lot of Damage
Good Hall of Legends and Crucible of Fire
Front Line DPS-Ok CC
Good Damage with her Ultimate can increase her physical attack and protect teammates
Good in the Arena's Hall of Legends and Crucible of Fire
No.1-Blood Spear
Middle Line DPS-Attack boost
Good sustained single target Damage, attack boosts
Good in the Hall of Legends, Crucible of Fire and Raid's
Front Line Tank-Deflects Damage, and weakens enemies
Ok Damage good tankyness
Great in the Arena's and good in Raid's
Middle Line DPS-Good Damage
ok offensive and defensive abilities
Good in the Arena's
Middle Line Support-Great Healing
She is a great healer and buffer, she can also dispel control abilities
Great in the Crucible of Fire
Front Line Tank-Good Damage and mobility
He is a good tank for doing Damage not as great for tanking
Good in Arena's

That Concludes it for this guide make sure to comment if u have any suggestions for the guide as to what I should maybe change good luck with your hunting!
Let me know if u want me to make a top 10 aweakened heroes!
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Re: Hero Soulstones

Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:33 pm

Yes, we want a top 10 aweakened Heroes!!!!!!!
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Re: Hero Soulstones

Tue Oct 24, 2017 2:34 pm

This guide will get you no where honost opinion
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Re: Hero Soulstones

Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:23 pm

Yo some of the top heroes you said on really work out. For example, nobody use tholin atm,but Zem still playstore a great Role in every Arena below lv 100
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Re: Hero Soulstones

Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:50 pm

nebel03 wrote:
Yo some of the top heroes you said on really work out. For example, nobody use tholin atm,but Zem still playstore a great Role in every Arena below lv 100

You probably are right about Tholin will make the change ty for the reply.

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