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Pulmonary tuberculosis, symptoms and interactions of pulmonary tuberculosis Ready to treat

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Pulmonary tuberculosis is an epidemic that has devastated human life since ancient times. Later, when drugs to treat tuberculosis were discovered, they were able to be controlled, but in more than 10 years, tuberculosis has been pandemic and intensifying around the world. Especially in poor countries It is estimated that one third of the population is infected with tuberculosis and nearly a million deaths per year. Currently, Thailand is a country with high TB problems. Previously, the incidence of tuberculosis among adults in Thailand has steadily decreased. But around the year 2000 it tended to increase and become more serious. This is due to the AIDS epidemic. Therefore, tuberculosis, although it looks like a common disease, can cause death. Pulmonary tuberculosis is caused by a bacteria called Tuberculosis, in addition to causing tuberculosis, it can also cause tuberculosis to other organs in the body such as lymph nodes, bones, intestines, skin, but 80% of it occurs in the lungs. Tuberculosis is very resistant. It can be placed anywhere, including water, food, symptoms, immersed in ice for hundreds of days, heat resistance, chemicals and up to half a year in the dark. But does not tolerate sunlight, so it often dies in sunlight.
Transmission of pulmonary tuberculosis
The infection in the lungs of the patient will come out in the air while the patient coughs, sneezes, sputum, sputum, when the mucus is dry it diffuses in the air. Therefore, it can be transmitted either by inhalation of infection into the lungs or by contact with a contaminated substance. This is because pulmonary tuberculosis spreads the airways the most. Therefore, pathogens can be found both in the area where the patient is Crowded areas Crowded or places with inconvenient air, such as theaters, shopping malls, hospitals, confined rooms, etc. joker Most people have been exposed to tuberculosis in the past. Whether getting sick with tuberculosis depends on these factors.
1. Physical condition, individual strength, weak people such as small children, the elderly, chronically ill patients such as diabetes, debilitated people such as alcoholism. AIDS or people with immunosuppression are more prone to tuberculosis than healthy people.
2. The quantity of germs received People in areas with a high infection The risk is higher than people in areas with less infection.

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