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Aogiri No Ki

Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:46 pm

Yo! This is your boy VD Soul Hunters. Looking for a friendly active guild war participating, heartwarming, sentimental, humorous, respectful, and overall awesome ensemble of the bravest most entertaining soul hunters around? Look no further here in Aogiri no ki we value your charisma as much as your sharp edge in battle. Led by our fearless leader N Tick our guild is a front runner for providing the full soul hunters experience you've been missing. You too can become part of this legendary cast of faithful comrades. Arena got you down? We get you up! Wife/husband left with the kids? We got double spouse/spawn campaigns all day son/daughter! No friends? You won't want any others after us! So come on down to Aogiri no ki guild I D 20111. LV 40+ server 477

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