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Fix common Kobo eReader problems

Mon Dec 21, 2020 5:28 am

Kobo recognizes as one of the best eReader to complete reading sessions in advanced manner.

However many times it is seen that the gadget leads to few common kobo problems which requires proper solutions.

On trying some of the best kobo help and troubleshooting methods you can easily Fix common Kobo eReader problems in quick manner.

There is broader range of eReaders from segment of kobo devices which are equipped with epaper showcase. Now its time to checkout few kobo troubleshooting methods to fix common kobo eReader problems.

How to begin Kobo Troubleshooting Techniques?

You can Fix common Kobo eReader problems taking place with your ereader devices very easily and make your device to work fine.

Follow kobo troubleshooting methods which will help you in solving kobo problems.

If kobo get frozen or not responsive:

On getting Kobo screen frozen or getting black screen then do the following steps:

1. Press and keep power key on hold for 15 seconds.

2. Kobo will get turned Off.

3. Turn it On again and check issue got fixed or not.

Charging Kobo:

On getting black screen or kobo is not responding the way it should then you have to complete charging session on Kobo for atleast 1 hour.

How to fix missing books issue on Kobo?

You can easily remove kobo issues such as missing books by attempting the steps mention below

Fixing Kobo Account:

On getting a book missed which you bought or cannot locate book in your kobo account then get the problem solve by following the steps:

Finding Books: You can use the search button for discovering the books purchased:

1. Visit Home Screen

2. Choose magnify glass symbol located at top right of display

3. Select arrow key near to kobo store

4. Click My Books

5. Input Book name. List of books will get showcased.

6. Pick book you want to get details about

7. Choose Cover for beginning reading.

By applying the following easy to go troubleshooting methods you will be able to fix common Kobo eReader problems.

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