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I don't want to hangover ... listen to this way Let's see how to prevent drunkenness.

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Many people after drinking so much Maybe wake up with a symptom called Hang Over or Hang Over, of course your whole day would not be bright at all. And if you do not want the day after your heavy drinking Became a day of suffering Today let's see how to prevent a hangover better.

Before drinking
• Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Because the food in the stomach Will help prevent alcohol Being absorbed into the bloodstream too quickly Prepare yourself by eating foods that are high in fat, such as milk, fried pork, cakes, desserts, butter, etc., to help coat the stomach. Not allowing alcohol to penetrate into various organs Very quickly, and end up with protein foods Whether it is meat, fish, chicken, eggs, milk, nuts, etc.
• Pain reliever NSIDS or ibuprofen should be taken before methanol. Because the drug will inhibit prostaglandin enzyme That causes pain But should not take paracetamol unnecessarily while drinking. Or before going to bed after drinking Because both alcohol and paracetamol are harmful to the liver. When eaten at the same time, it becomes more dangerous.
• Nowadays, there are anti-hangover drinks that you drink before you go drinking too, it will help They are often sold at convenience stores.

While drinking
• Should eat food / snacks and snacks alternating with drinking alcohol. Will help slow down the drunk a lot But should also drink less
• Avoid fatty foods. While drinking alcohol Because it will cause vomiting easily
• Avoid drinking beverages that are mixed together.
• When drinking alcohol Should drink water as well. In order to limit the amount of alcohol into the veins And prevent body dehydration
Protection during drinking If there is an opportunity to carry alcohol in hand to deposit in the liquor circle Considered that you are in control of the drinking situation. Therefore, you should choose a liqueur that has a mild degree. This will help the metabolism work to burn alcohol better. And even more if you can drink chilled liquor that just came out of the freezer in the refrigerator. In addition to being able to drink without breaking your throat, it also allows you to drink for a long time without getting drunk too quickly.

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After drinking

• Before going home, if drunk, must not drive. Should drink orange juice Because vitamin C will help speed up the metabolism Or drinking sports drinks that athletes drink is not bad.
• Should drink a lot of water. Before going to bed too To help expel alcohol from the body And reduce the stimulation of the body to draw water from the brain to cause the brain to contract
• Should drink juice or water mixed with sugar, minerals before going to bed. Since alcohol replaces sugar in the liver, the sugar level in the body decreases. Causing you to experience dizziness and weakness

General advice

• Avoid mixing different kinds of drinks together.
• Avoid alcohol on an empty stomach. Food in the stomach prevents alcohol from being absorbed into the bloodstream too quickly. Eating more food while drinking alcohol decreases the effects of alcohol on your body system.
• Drink plenty of water before bed to prevent dehydration.
• Do not drink coffee to relieve a hangover. Because coffee has a diuretic effect, it will make the imbalance of body fluids worse.
• Do not drive or operate machinery. When there is a hangover
• Eat foods that are easy to digest. Be nutritious and avoid fatty foods.
• Now there are hangover relief drinks that you can drink after a lot of alcohol use. Which is enough to help, often sold at convenience stores

The secret recipe to quench a hangover

Has been told continuously for a long time Which is a formula that foreigners believe that it will be effective Would like to give brief examples of those formulas as follows

• Cold orange juice drink recipe that soak overnight. By mixing it with raw eggs together.

• Safflower oil mixed with sesame oil recipe

• Sipping recipes: ginger oil mixed with soda, water, lemon juice or orange juice

• Eat 2 aspirin tablets in the morning and drink lots of water.

• Tuna recipe with lemon juice, tomato, garlic, chili, cucumber

• Recipes for eating chicken soup mixed with onion, carrots, corn flour, salt, garlic.

• Sauerkraut Mix the olive oil together.

• Lemon slices into glasses and then rubbed under the armpits.

• The recipe to prick the needle on the cork according to the number of drinks you drink (more strange than drinking), but be careful, you may pick up the wrong needle or pick the needle, it may be mistaken and hit your friend next to it.

• Steam recipes, but must first go to check whether they are high blood pressure or not Or what kind of disease Otherwise instead of missing a hangover You may be able to fold to extinguish life as well.

• The formula uses the bark of the quinine tree, which is bitter to help heal the hangover. In addition to quinine, other bitter plants They tend to have this property as well, such as dandelion, gentian, mugwort, and angostura. The angostura is made into a bitter solution called Angostura Bitters. When a hangover occurs, add a few drops of Angostura Bitters to hot water, add roselle and Tamarind to seasoning Drink a lot of this tea. Will help cure a hangover
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