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[Series Review] Private Lives Small stew that went to the national table.

Sun Oct 25, 2020 8:51 am


Private Lives Scammer's Story Starting from stewing in a small pot, it is said that when you are full in the household But got involved in a national secret story like that She's also trying to reveal those secrets. Cha Ju Eun (Seohyun) is a professional scammer with her family, parents, and herself as a scammer. But they call it In "Documentary Show", she learns from her parents' fraud skills, from small smugglers to big ones. One day after leaving prison, she meets Lee Jung Hwan (Go Kyung Pyo), a young man who is determined to approach. slotxo Cha Ju Eun This guy, he emits all kinds of charms. A pushy man But at the same time, he plays the role of the chief system development team from the giant SL Electronics as a private investigator. Is a spy who is investigating something ... mysterious

Briefly told, these two people also have a crush on each other. The hero melts the heroine's heart in a short time. Agreed, they decided to get married, but in the end the marriage fell apart, some truths were revealed. Many secrets are extremely vague. Until the heroine has to find the truth While the male protagonist is acting stealthy like that For those of you who think it will be about outsmarting the other series of quack fun, the story that opened in the first two episodes, we expected that in that way, easy but not yet. It seems not. It turned out to be a more intense and more sophisticated romantic stew. Plus, cheats have been revealed that we can be careful in real life

Started with a slow story, but stewed together to melt in the mouth.
The story contains a pecking of fraud that we are very familiar with in society. From a small stew of a false beggar to a large stew that made the disciples pour their lap until they lost their wealth to worship their faith. Talk about the Korean society on the use of Social (in fact, the society of all countries), the use of other people's personal lives. That share their personal life in fashion until safety is neglected Is a channel for criminals to take advantage of that scare To find benefits for yourself

The first four episodes lay the ground for the heroine and the two other parents. The Flashback has been back and forth for ten years, simply imagining that the series didn't go straight forward. But forward and backward like that In order to tie the story to see clearly and so on. Clear well, but secretly a little sluggish. In the first 2 episodes, who is confused, this can be easily poured, but if unaware of her sweet scene, she will be able to pass Arrived at stage three, stage four And continue to follow in Stage 5 that is intense and disintegrating Melts in your mouth just as raw

In fact, the heroine himself Is an ordinary woman who wants to live a normal life Graduated from university, had a girlfriend, had a family like most But the fate of life that wants revenge for the father Because her father was deceived by a superior con man Called stew In the story, there will be two divine masters, Jeong Bokki (Kim Hyo Jin), the goddess of the scammers industry, who can even stew one another. Using greed as a bait and Jung Bokki's business partner Kim Jae Wook (Kim Young Min) This one is a bastard. You can call it the 18 crowns that are not enough. These two people have caused the heroine's father to go to prison and the one who made the heroine in prison after his father as well. This one is not spoiled. After opening the story for a while, the female protagonist has come out and glorious in front of the prison

Proceeding slowly but a good chapter, guess the wrong way
It was a scam. True to its name, it had to go slowly. Most of the characters were scammers. So had to stew the audience as well Called to simmer on a low heat gradually, revealing the knots little by little Little by little the past, who's who did it? In which way is it related to whom? Whoever is impatient, tell me that you are frustrated. But for the late night This is a series that answers the question. Must use your brain to follow Eh, what? The fun is right here Plus with the light finesse of the male protagonist and the heroine


There is a corner to hope that the heroine will deal with various problems in the future, plus the pity in the fate of the double nemesis. The type that is heavy, heavy, and heavy, where will the suspicion of the hero's mission pretending to play big, flashing lights to the national organization? It is a series that does not have to waste time Because I couldn't guess right There is only one function: watching and playing with each scene, each episode will be more fun. Which concentration Because it has been stewed for a long time, it starts at Ep5. But the past four episodes have been an important part of getting the viewer to understand the story as a whole. And dazzled with the complexity of the play


Until I came to think about it, if the first four episodes were made more compact, would it be okay? Do not have to go back a lot, go back, go back and go again like this As the viewer, I thought the script could cut off some unnecessary episodes. That is, you can cut it and make it firmer, but !! Concentration that will bring the inner for us to conform In accordance, it may be reduced to a reasonable Umm… there is a reason.

Top performing performers
Seeing the main female's face and thinking about Girls' Generation, it was very popular at that time. After leaving the camp, there were always movies and dramas. Reminiscent of her old works, compare them with the present and Wow. The skill of acting has already developed. But more than that, it is much more beautiful. It is clearly seen in this story. If the fan series still remembers Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo together, they will be familiar with Woohee, the princess of Baekje, her lover. Prince Baek Ah (Thirteenth Prince) well, she has been playing many stories. Considered to be a girl group that has enough movies and dramas
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Re: [Series Review] Private Lives Small stew that went to the national table.

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