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Loy Krathong Day 2020 History, legends and beliefs Loy Krathong Day

Tue Oct 27, 2020 3:46 am


Loy Krathong Festival 2020
Loi Krathong is one of the rituals that are usually performed on the night of the 12th lunar month or the 15th lunar day of the 12th lunar month. And when the floods filled the banks In which flowers, incense, candles or objects will be placed in various non-drowning artifacts such as Krathongs, boats, lotus rafts, etc., and float along the river With a purpose And different beliefs, this year Loi Krathong Day falls on Saturday 31 October 2020

Loy Krathong Festival is not only found in Thailand, in China, India, Khmer, Laos and Burma, there is a similar floating festival in our country. It would be the details of the rituals and beliefs of each locality. slotxo Even in our own home, Loi Krathong comes from a variety of beliefs as well. Which public relations group Office of the National Culture Commission Ministry of Culture Have gathered and told each other to know as follows

Why are you floating Krathong?
Loi Krathong is a tradition that has existed since ancient times. But there is no clear evidence that But when did you practice? Only each local There will be different purposes and beliefs in Loi Krathong, such as in matters of Buddhism. It will be worshiping Phra Ket Kaew Chulamanee in the heavens, Daowadungs, to worship the Buddha's footprint at the sandy beach on the banks of the Namtha River. Which is now the Nerphutta River in India Or welcome the Lord Buddha On the day of his return from the world When going to please Mother Buddha

Purpose of Loi Krathong Day
In addition, Loi Krathong has a purpose To worship Phra Upakuttera, who practiced witchcraft in the deep sea Or the navel of the sea Some places also float Krathong. To worship the gods according to their beliefs In some places to show thanks Which is a source of water for human use in various uses Including asking for forgiveness for having dumped the sewage Some localities Will be done to remember the ancestors who have passed away Or to exorcise bad luck Float in suffering, grieving various diseases And most of them would also pray for what they wanted

Phraya Anmanrachathon Has assumed that Cause of Loi Krathong It may be fundamental, it is possible that Loi Krathong is the motto of the people who are farming. Which relies on water When the grain grows well And was the time when the water was just overflowing Then made a krathong and floated along the stream To thank Mother Ganga Or the god who gave water to fertility, so they float Krathong in the very water season And when finished Therefore playing with joy Is equal to the celebration of the work that has been done Accomplished and survived until seeing results He said that the villagers said Loi Krathong is a request for forgiveness. And thank you to Mae Ganga Would have him in the same way as the various nations But the olden days have congratulated Where the crop can be harvested Therefore bringing the first product obtained Go and worship the gods you respect To thank you for your cultivation to be effective. Including raising ghosts who are starving And the sacrifice of ancestors who have died Finished, there was a celebration of raising among themselves

Later, when humans have already developed Anxiety Cultivation that it will not work is less. But still make sacrifices As has been done until it is a tradition However, they are solved with the religious belief that they respect, for example, there is an increase in merit making in Buddhism, etc. But most of the time remains, but most of the fun and entertainment. Therefore, Loi Krathong is common in various nations. And being floating in the water Would be a psychological feeling The human being What is usually thrown into the water to float away?

Why most krathongs are lotus-shaped?
In the book Thao Sri Chulalak's recipe Or the legend of Noppamas Which is the first concubine Of Phra Maha Thamracha Lithai or Phra Ruang Of Sukhothai Said of the twelfth lunar month that Is a time to visit the river According to the ceremony at night And has ordered the concubines in all Krathong decoration, flower decoration, incense, candle Brought to float in front of the royal palace at that time Thao Sri Chulalak Or Noppamas Queen's concubine Had invented a lotus-shaped krathong With seeing that it was a special lotus That bloom at night, just once a year on that day. Should be made as a krathong to decorate the lamp Float to pay homage to the footprint Which when the King saw Asked for the meaning She had explained until the royal heart was satisfied. His Majesty said that "But this continues forward in sequence King in siam country Until the time of the holiday, the lunar month of the 12th month to bring a floating lantern in the shape of a lotus flower Dedicate the sacrifice to the Buddha's footsteps. As long as eternity. "For this reason, we see a floating lantern shaped like a lotus flower appearing until now

Legends and beliefs on Loi Krathong Day
From the aforementioned that Loi Krathong in each locality comes from the belief Different faith Some places have a legend Which will give some examples of things to know as follows

The first story is said that Loi Krathong It originated from Buddhism itself.
That is, before the Buddha's enlightenment Is the Lord Buddha Stamped under the Bodhi tree Near the Neranchara River. One day, Mrs. Suchada, a servant, gave her maid to bring rice (Stir-fried rice cooked with honey or sugar cane) put in a golden tray to offer When he ate it all Then set the sacrament that If any day will be successful as the Lord Buddha Then asked the tray to float upstream With the sacramental force And miracles The tray floats upstream to the navel of the sea. Then sinks to the tail of the dragon who heals the bowels

The King of Naga wakes up. When I saw what it was Then announced that Now has the Buddha image Already born in another world After that, the gods and the serpents Brought together to meet the Lord Buddha And the King of Naga asked the Buddha Footprint on the bank of the Neranchara River So that they may come up and worship He did so. And the maid told Mrs. Suchada On that day of every year Mrs. Suchada will bring incense And flowers in a tray to float in the water To worship Buddha's footprint on a regular basis, and so on, it has become a Loi Krathong tradition As you can see today

In regards to this footprint in some places, the serpent spoke to the Lord Buddha Went to preach in Naga Phiphob When to return The serpent asked him for a monument to worship. The Buddha therefore prayed Stamp his footprint on the sandy beach of Namtha River. And the Naga Therefore worshiping Buddha's footprint instead of him Later, Buddhists learned of this. Therefore worshiped the footprint of each other By bringing sacrifices to the krathong floating in water Part that says Loi Krathong on the lunar day of the 11th month or the end of Buddhist Lent To celebrate the day of the Buddha Coming back to the human world After the 3-month Buddhist Lent in Daowadung Heaven to show the Dhamma, please the Buddha's mother. Well, too, that day Gods and Buddhas Brought together to receive countless royalties With sacrifices And was the day when the Buddha opened for the people to see heaven And hell by his power People therefore brought together to float Krathong To celebrate the reception of the Lord Buddha

For the motto that Loi Krathong according to the lantern To worship Phra Ket Kaew Chulamanee On that starry sky It is because it falls on the date of the Buddha His ordination on the banks of the Anoma River. He used Phra Khan to cut off Phra Ket Moli. Floated in the air as he prayed Indra then brought a glass cover to contain And enshrined in Chulamanee Chedi In the heavens, the dawning star (according to the lampshade is the light or the light in the lamp / lamp or the small earthen-bowl), which our north Often the lanterns are released unfounded. Or a lantern called a kite that lights up in the air to worship Phra Ket Kaew Chulamanee as well
The second story, according to the textbook of Brahma, faculty members said
This light floating ceremony or following the lantern Originally a Brahmin religious ceremony Made to worship the three gods namely Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Is a pair with Loi Krathong Before floating, it has to be followed by the lamp. Which, according to ancient Indian scriptures, is called "tepawali" by setting astrology that When the sun reaches scorpio When is the moon in zodiac signs? Then it was time for the lamp. And when the worship has expired Then took the lantern to float in the water Later, Buddhists saw it as a good thing. Therefore converted to worship of Buddha's footprint And the reception of the Lord Buddha As mentioned above Usually 12 months or Yi Peng is the criteria. (Yi Peng is the second month According to the counting of the Lanna Counting the lunar months 2 months faster than the central region)

The third story is about Burma.
Said that once in the reign of King Ashoka the Great His intention was to build a complete 84,000 chedi, but was always blocked by the Mara. So he went to ask an Arhat, Phra Upakut, to help Phra Upakut went to ask Phraya Naga of the Underworld for help. Phraya Na Pak And successfully defeated the devil Ashoka the great Therefore built the chedi as fulfilled his wish Since then On the lunar day of the 12th lunar month, people will perform the Loi Krathong ceremony. In order to worship Khun Phraya Naga, in this story, some places say that Phraya Naga is Phra Upakut who lives at the navel of the sea. And very powerful Therefore able to suppress the devil And this Buddha image It is revered by the Burmese people. And many of the Payap people of Thailand

The fourth story arises from ancient beliefs in Lanna that
Cholera outbreak. The Hariphunchai Kingdom Causing many people to die Those who did not die emigrated to Satem. And Hongsawadee for 6 years, some people have families there When the cholera had calmed down Some then migrated back. And on the anniversary of the migration Has arranged worship candles With such consumables, put Sapao (read "Sa-Pao means" Sampao or Krathong) downstream to commemorate the relatives who exist in Hongsawadee. Which the said Loi Krathong It is done on the day of Yi Pheng, ie, the twelfth month, it is known as floating a thorn but is not commonly done in Lanna. Most of this Yipeng festival Lanna people will have a ceremony to set up a Thammaluang. Or a long sermon of the Great Nation And there is a more widespread lighting of lanterns (Loy Krathong at the ancient Lanna way is called Loi Tham). Like being nocturnal And there were lights wattle seen periodically Like Krasue ghost, so it is called by Krathong style Floating candles in the water Saw a glimmering shadow, like a phantom of a phantom that floated the thunder)


The fifth story is said that in ancient China
In the north when reaching the water front The water will always flood Some years there are hundreds of thousands of people in flooding that the villagers died. And could not find a corpse The people then arranged a krathong to float the food. To worship them as an annual event The part that floats at night He assumed that May need some seriousness And glistening to see magical Because it is a story about ghosts And ghosts do not like to appear during the day The candle is lit because the way to the ghost town is dark. Therefore need to light up In order for the ghost to return conveniently In Chinese, Loi Krathong is called the release of the water lantern (Pang Jui Teng), which corresponds to that of Thailand as floating lanterns from the above story. As we can see, most Loi Krathong is an expression of gratitude. Recalling patronage to human beings such as Buddha, god, mother, Ganga and ancestors, etc., and show gratitude (repay you) by worshiping with various devotions. Especially worshiping the Buddha Or Footprint Can be regarded as a moral Which implied to Buddhists Followed in the footsteps of the Lord Buddha Which is a symbol of all goodness Loi Krathong Festival Besides being a valuable tradition In regard to expressing gratitude To the benefactors mentioned above This tradition is also valuable to family, community, society and religion, for example, allowing family members to spend time together. Causing the community to join together in organizing the event Or in some areas where there is merit making It is considered to contribute to the succession of religion and in many places, it is a good opportunity to campaign for environmental conservation in rivers and canals as well.
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Re: Loy Krathong Day 2020 History, legends and beliefs Loy Krathong Day

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Re: Loy Krathong Day 2020 History, legends and beliefs Loy Krathong Day

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