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What kind of Buy to Play and Free to Play are like for gamers?

Thu Nov 05, 2020 4:12 am


Having said that, at present, there are only two types of video marketing models available today: Buy to Play and Free to Play, depending on the platform, and most of them are games, consoles will focus on sales. slotxo In the form of Buy to Play, which is a one-time purchase, the game has all the content open for play. But in the future there may be additional DLC or Expansion released as an alternative for gamers to enjoy the new story.

And if it is a game for most mobile and PC platforms, it will focus on selling free-to-play models that are free to play, but in the game there will be a shop that will sell many amenities or some games may sell steam. Special items that will strengthen and keep the style of the game.


But if it is an online game that is a Buy to Play type, in a personal sense, that gamers will pay less attention than Free to Play. Must buy before playing, it will decide longer to buy to play because you have to see reviews. Value of the purchase, whether the purchase is worth playing, how is the content? Is the content like a genre that we like?

If it is a free to play game, it turns out that you can try playing the game first. Like, dislike, decide within the game. If you like it, it will play for a long time. What about adding money in the game is something that is easier to decide than when buying a Buy to Play game again. Then more expensive than the games that we buy. Buy to Play. Do not know if someone is like me or not.


So, I think if it is a "Online" game, then the Free to Play marketing model will have a greater chance of reaching more target audience and gamers than the start of a Buy to Play game sale. You are not a franchisee or a global IP that has people you know and can be confident in basic quality. The details are deep. Going to win the game like that, and it might be difficult to open it up for sale. Because of general game behavior and want to try to play the game before that new game The opening is fun and meets our preferences. If you like adding money to buy items within the game, it's not difficult to decide, but use that free to play games are always good because being able to play for free causes a bad behavior. A lot of it, whether it's using a gamepad or a bot, has more chances than paid games, because those dark gamers, if they get banned, just sign up and come and do it. new As a result, there are tougher bans nowadays by developers, but few games are able to do just that. So then to say which one is better would be difficult, it depends on many elements.

Both Buy to Play and Free to Play have different advantages and disadvantages, so depending on your friends' tastes. And what kind of games do you want to play?
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Re: What kind of Buy to Play and Free to Play are like for gamers?

Fri Nov 06, 2020 5:21 am

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