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What are the advantages of Impale Ground Slam?

Mon Nov 09, 2020 8:53 am

Impale Ground Slam is played either as the Duelist with the Champion ascendancy or as the Marauder with the Berserker ascendancy. Ground Slam is a melee ability that deals damage in a cone-shaped wave, decimating all that is in its path. As Ground Slam’s wave travels, it increases the chance of stunning enemies, an added bonus which is nothing to laugh at.The Impale support allows for 10% of this damage to occur prior to an enemy’s mitigation (i.e. armor), giving a significant boost to your damage output. The build is known for being well balanced in damage and defense, offering a high life pool, good damage mitigation, and high AOE damage output.
What’s Good About This Build:
    You can’t get hit if your enemy can’t move
    Even if you do get hit, you will have plenty of life and mitigation to spare
    Your survivability does not come at the cost of damage; you won’t die due to either lack of offense or defense, and the skill being AOE does not hinder your sin
    Compared to other builds, you don’t need a secondary skill (i.e. like ED Trickster using Blight), making skill management simple
    Overall this is a laid back and chill build to play with little need to worry about much of anything
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Re: What are the advantages of Impale Ground Slam?

Thu Nov 12, 2020 5:29 am

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