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Soul Hunters FAQ & Strategy Guides

Tue Jan 12, 2016 12:18 pm

Here is a collection of the most Frequently Asked Questions. We hope you can find the answer to your questions here, if not please post in the forums or send the Soul Hunters team a message through our in-game Customer Service System.

Frequently Asked Questions

Arena FAQ's can be found here:

User Interface FAQ's can be found here:

Hero FAQ's can be found here:

Find out 5 Steps to become the Ultimate Soul Hunter here:


Strategy Guides

Crucible of Fire Strategy Guide:

How to Level Up Efficiently Strategy Guide:

Check out more Great Guides and Strategies in the Guides and Strategies Forum:

Hunters Handbook

The Hunter’s Handbook: Chapter 1 (Items, Crafting, Fusion)

The Hunter’s Handbook: Chapter 2 (Gold Stars, Auto-Battle and Sweep Tickets)

The Hunter's Handbook: Chapter 3 (Caverns, Dojo, Arena)


Weekly Topic Archive

Weekly Topic & Contest 1 – Crucible of Fire:

Weekly Topic & Contest 2 – Arena:

Weekly Topic & Contest 3 – Create a Hero Ability

Weekly Topic & Contest 4 – Create a Game Feature

Weekly Topic & Contest 5 – Hero Dubbing
Weekly Topic & Contest 6 – Kreton Guild Raid

Weekly Topic & Contest 7 – Defense Party

Weekly Topic & Contest 8 – Dr. Zeno

Weekly Topic & Contest 9 – Magic vs. Physical Heroes

Weekly Topic & Contest 10 – Wraxius

Weekly Topic & Contest 11 – Epic Arena

Weekly Topic & Contest 12 – Namtar
Weekly Topic & Contest 13 – Kaleria Raid

Weekly Topic & Contest 14 – Female Heroes

Weekly Topic & Contest 15 – Dokras


Q: How can I level up my Party?
A:You can increase your Party Level by earning Party EXP, the best way to earn Party EXP is by completing all your Dailies, and by playing Stages in the Campaign.

Q: I'm stuck on a Stage in Campaign Mode, how do I continue?

A: You need to improve your Heroes by increasing their Level, increasing their Ability Levels, Enchanting their Gear, or equipping Items into empty slots. If a Hero has all six Items Slots full you can then Fuse that Hero to gain a large boost to his/her Growth Stats.

Additionally, before you start a Campaign Stage you can tap on the Stage Enemies to view their level. If the enemies' level is much higher than your current Party Level, you will need to focus on gaining a few more levels before attempting to complete said Campaign Stage.

Q: When I Fused my Hero all my Items disappeared, where did they go?

A: When you Fuse a Hero you consume all six items currently equipped to that Hero. Once Fused, your Hero's Growth Stats increase, certain Abilities may be unlocked, and your Hero gains access to the next tier of Items.

Q: Why can’t I level up my Heroes?

A: You can only level up your Hero as high as your current your current "Max Hero Level". You can view your current Max Hero Level in your account screen (by tapping on your Hero Avatar in the top right of the home screen), typically your Max Hero Level is equal to your current Party Level.

Q: Why can’t I upgrade my Abilities?
A: You can only level up your Abilities as high as a Hero's Level, the higher your Hero's Level is the higher up can their upgrade Abilities. However the third Ability on every Hero is an exception to this rule, the third Ability can only be upgraded to maximum of 20 levels below your Hero's current level.

Q: I’m all out of Coins, how can I get more?
A: You can earn Coins many ways, including selling Items, and from playing different game modes like Campaign Mode. The Crucible of Fire is a great place to earn Coins. You can also use the Midas Touch to convert Diamonds into Coins.

Q: How can my heroes earn more experience?
A: Playing certain game modes such as the Arena and Campaign rewards your Hero's with EXP. The most effective way to level up a Hero is by using EXP items such as; EXP Salves, EXP Vials, and EXP Cheese.

Q: How can I Summon more Heroes?

A: There are many ways to Summon new Heroes; Daily Login Rewards, Collecting Soulstones in Epic Campaign Stages, Crucible of Fire Exchange, Arena Exchange, and the Summoner's Circle. Heroes' Soulstones can also be purchased from the Trader and the Black Market Trader.

Q: I just received a Hero Card, but why did I get Soulstones instead?
A: If you already have a given Hero and receive them again, you will be rewarded with that Hero's Soulstones instead. Soulstones can then be used to Promote a Hero once enough have been collected.

Q: Does it matter at what level I Promote or Fuse my Heroes?
A:It makes no difference when you Promote or Fuse a Hero, their final stats will be the same.

Q: Why do the rewards I receive in the arena vary so much?

A: The rewards you receive in the Arena depend on your Arena Rank. The higher your Rank the better the rewards, you can view a more detailed break-down of the reward structure in the Arena Rules.

Q: Do the number of stars I have on a given Campaign Stage matter?
A: Obtaining three stars on a Campaign Stage provides two benefits. You can use Auto-Battle and Sweep, allowing you to more efficiently farm stages for Items, Coins, and Experience.

Q: I forgot to claim my Daily Login Reward, can I still get it?
A: No, unfortunately you need to log in daily and claim the reward from the Daily Login Calendar. If you forgot to claim your reward, or did not login on a specific day, there is no way to recover missed rewards.

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