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A few questions about the game

Thu Jan 31, 2019 1:37 am

Hi there.
I've started to play a few days ago and felt quite in love with the game.
I have a few questions and I hope somebody canl help me, as I've tried to ask help in game with no success on any chat.

First of all I have a few questions about heroes, as i've read an amazing guide on the official forum made by a guy, but it's from 1 year and a half ago and never updated. Since that guide they introduced 2 new races and 10 different new heroes.

1) How many heroes should I use in battle and deploy ? Now i have 8 who I use regularly and develop (Elena, Virion, Avalon, Gazul, Bane, Vega, Cleo and Jacques) plus 2 which i don't use atm (Grimmis, Rufio).
Tonight I unlocked a new hero Baelrog and bought Sprig, plus studying the heroes I found that I would like to have Fenris as soon as i find it somewhere).

Now the question is.. how many heroes should i deploy ? I love summons (that's why i bought sprig and want fenris) and AoE damage. What about Baelrog, is he any good? It looks he has a good skill but idk.

2) The void/empty world.. i finished the first 20 levels today, but where all the rewards go ? I can't find any of them in my inventory and it resets daily, I don't understand how it works.

3) Where i can find a guide on emperor/prince stuff ? I can't really understand what it is, how you become emperor and other stuff related to all this is totally new to me.

4) What is the obelisk ? I just unlocked it, it seems there are things to do in there like goals to achieve...

5) What are succession wars ? I've tried to read how they work that you get teleported in the capital ecc but couldn't really get a clue of what they are about.

For now that's it. Thank you so much if you take your time to help me. The first question btw is the most essential one which i'm scratching my head over. Thank you
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Re: A few questions about the game

Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:20 am

1) use every single hero you have.

2) The stuff on the ground is collected without you having to do anything. For the reward for finishing the lvls you need to collect them.

3) Just keep playing the game you will get used to it.

4) Really just achievements.

5) The winner of that becomes emperor.

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