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New Academy Guide

Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:49 am

Big changes were made to the Academy in Patch 1.14.3 of Art of Conquest. How should you best strategize researching your new upgrades? Let me show you!

[Confused?] The new Academy changes, explained!

1. Each race has 6 upgrade branches, one for each of the major unit types (and their silver and gold counterparts)


Copy of 2.png

After the update you can visit the Academy in your stronghold to check out the new upgrade layout.


The new Academy interface is clean and intuitive.

2. There are 12 groups of upgrades you can research for each unit type

Copy of 4.png

Tap a unit portrait to enter its upgrade branch.

Each unit type has 12 groups of upgrades, organized into columns.

Here I’m showing you the first four groups of upgrades. Simply swipe right to view the remaining 8 groups!

Copy of 5.png

Research must begin from the first group of upgrades.

When all the basic upgrades in a group are completed, the advanced upgrade from that research group will unlock automatically. The advanced upgrade also counts toward your overall upgrade count.

Once 5/5 of the basic upgrades in the first column were complete, the advanced upgrade of that column, “New Unit: Longbowman”, was unlocked automatically, bringing the upgrade count to 6.

To research further upgrade groups, you must meet two requirements:

1. Your Academy must reach the required level

2. Your research progress must reach a certain number of completed upgrades

As shown in the picture:

Copy of 7.png

The number above each upgrade group (circled in red) shows the required Academy level
The number to the bottom left of each upgrade group (in the red box) shows the required completed upgrade count
Here you can see that even though my research progress has already reached 24 upgrades, I still can’t move on to the next group because my Academy is still level 4 (as seen in the top left corner).

Once I have upgraded my Academy to level 5, the next group of upgrades will be unlocked for me to research!

Copy of 6.png

Copy of 8.png

As shown in the picture: I am currently researching an upgrade from the 5th column. My archers will be stronger than ever!

As a reminder, as a Patron you can maximize the research queue to 4 upgrades, that way you can rest assured that once one of your upgrades is finished researching, the Academy won’t lie down on the job, and will instead continue on schedule by researching the next upgrade in the queue! Smart planning of your research queue will sure improve the quality of your sleep!

[Veteran Players] How your old upgrades will be inherited!

Copy of 9.png

Any upgrades that you researched before the update to the Academy will be preserved in the new iteration of the Academy.
However, because of changes to the order of the upgrades, some veteran players will find that they have already unlocked certain advanced upgrades while more basic upgrades have yet to be researched.
This is intentional, because we want to make sure that none of your previous efforts spent on research will go to waste!

Copy of 10.png

As shown in the picture:
After the update to the Academy, the 9th group of Archer upgrades has already completed 4/25 upgrades, and those 4 upgrades are counted toward my research progress.
If this were a new account, the Academy would need to reach level 9 and have completed researching 60 upgrades in order to access the 9th group of upgrades—this shows the difference for players who inherit their old upgrades!

Furthermore, since the costs of certain upgrades were changed in the update, we will be refunding the resource cost difference through the mail to players who previously researched more expensive versions of the same upgrades. Keep an eye on your inbox!

[Veteran Players of Multiple Races] What happens if you previously researched upgrades for multiple races?

As for Commanders who had previously researched Academy upgrades for multiple races, your upgrade progression for all races after the update will reflect the progression of the race whose upgrade progression was the most advanced before the update. Resources spent before the update on upgrades for the remaining two races will be returned to you in the form of resource cards that you will receive in the mail.

For example:
You previously researched 50 human upgrades, 100 dwarf upgrades, and 70 lich upgrades. After the update, your research progress will be 100 upgrades (for all three races).
The resources you previously spent on the 50 human upgrades and 70 lich upgrades will be returned to you in the form of resource cards in the mail.

[Players Who Want To Change Races] Your research progress is preserved when you change between races!

Copy of 11.png

When you change races, your completed research upgrades will be converted into the corresponding upgrades of your new race.

For example:
After changing from human to dwarf, all “Archer” upgrades will be converted to “Rifleman” upgrades of the same level.


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