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Developer Diary - September 13th

Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:16 pm

Honor the Scrolls

Let’s talk about Honor. We are planning to introduce a lot of new ways to spend the Honor many Commanders are sitting on. The first of these ways will be related to crafting and is coming live with the next update.

As you may have read in the Sneak Peek for 1.15., we are introducing a crafting system that makes it possible to forge random items out of unwanted equipment. You throw a few items you don't need into the pot and receive a random new piece of equipment. This could be another mediocre helmet, but you could also end up with that hell-of-a-sword you were planning to wish for next birthday. Additionally to this item you will get some Alchemy stones. These Alchemy stones can then in a different process be used to craft specific items, not randomly, the stuff you want. But to do this, you must first get the corresponding Design scroll, similar to a recipe.

And - Yes, you guessed it! - here is where we get back to Honor. Design scrolls are bought with Honor. This is the first of the new ways to make use of the Honor you have amassed, or actually the second if we count professional bullying in (remember last DevDiary?). And as we said, there are more ways coming in the next few updates.

So as you see, Honor is going to become more and more precious as we introduce new ways to use it. Therefore, we do think it will hurt even higher level players to spend it on bullying people in their own backyard, just as intended.

As a matter of fact, these changes are already a reality on the PTR as some of you may know. That's where we test all the new and funky stuff so for a few of you, all this is old news. We just wanted to communicate this again here, as it is connected to your feedback to our last diary.

If you are interested in experiencing all the new things as early as possible, join the PTR. Just be aware that it's even more of a jungle out there and as in every jungle, bugs of all colors and sizes may lurk behind the next tree or under that leaf you use to collect water during the night.

Talking of night, it’s getting late here. Have a nice evening/morning/night, depending on what place on earth you call home! I gotta go grab some food as my enemies haven't let me eat properly all day and I am beginning to look like an Acolyte.

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